Swan Woven Wall Hanging + Pattern

Swan Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (4)

I have loved working on this woven wall hanging so much. The idea to make a swan inspired hanging came to me when I was planning my Quilt Market booth for new fabric collection, Hello, Ollie (you can see my booth here!). I wasn't' sure it was even possible, but I was determined to try.

I began collecting the most unique and beautiful yarn and roving I could find. I wanted her to be filled with as much texture as possible. Her wings alone are made from about 12 different yarns, a wool roving and a shiny silk roving. I used just a touch of muted teal at the bottom to give her waves to swim on, and tried to give the rest of the landscape as much movement as possible. A simple wax thread bow around her neck and she was done.

Swan Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (1)

Though I'm sharing about this weaving and my favoeite tools over on Going Home to Roost, I've decided to give the Roost Tribe (that's YOU!) access to the pattern I made and used for it. I printed the pattern on large (13x19") sturdy paper and simply slipped in the loom behind the weft. I was then able to reference it and use it as a pattern for the swan.

>> Download the swan weaving pattern here!

*Please remember that this is licensed and copyrighted artwork, and is intended for the use for a weaving pattern only. All other uses are prohibited.

Here are a few of my favorite tools I used along the way:

Loom by Oak & Ashe
Handmade tapestry bobbins
Simple gold wire for hanging
Wax cording for bow and top tying
Gold leaf yarn (used in the wings)
Cobbles yarn (used in the fringe)
Hometown yarn (used for the swan's body)
The rest of the yarn and roving are from my local yarn shop, Silver Threads and Golden Needles (not available online).

Swan Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (9)

Swan Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (8) 

Swan Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (3)

Swan Woven Wall Hanging by Bonnie Christine (2)

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