our favorite vegan cookbooks by chloe coscarelli

favorite vegan cookbooks by chloe coscarelli (1)

chloe coscarelli first stole my heart when she won 'cupcake wars' as a vegan chef. since then, i have slowly been falling in love with her cookbooks, one recipe at a time. my favorites, chloe's kitchen and chloe's vegan italian kitchen have been the most reliable cookbooks i've ever cooked from. everything is always so delicious (i think the entire book has been 'doggie eared'!). chloe has a way of demystifying vegan cooking tricks and simplifying even the most complicated recipes. she teaches how to make vegan dishes creamy, 'cheesy' and full of flavor without using complicated ingredients.

a few of our favorite recipes have been the vegan mac and cheese, bread sticks, tomato basil soup, broccoli and 'cheese' soup, spinach artichoke dip, and the risotto with shiitake mushrooms. and of course, she masters the decadent dessert, too! i always turn to chloe's vegan desserts for birthday cake recipes, cupcakes, pies and more.

your turn! what's your latest favorite cookbook, recipe or cooking blog? share with us in the comments section!

favorite vegan cookbooks by chloe coscarelli (2)

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