A Well Stocked Garden Shed

 when it's time to head out to the garden, having a well stocked garden shed will make the experience fun and easy. here are my favorite garden essentials!

watering can: make sure to have a large watering can with a large rose attachment on it (the thing that makes the water sprinkle). this will be important so that you don't have to make several trips to the water source, and so that your plants will get a 'rain like' sprinkling of water.

trowel: a small hand trowel will help you easily dig through soil and clay and will be much easier than using your hands. make sure to find one that will resist rust.

hoe: a hoe will be necessary to hack up large bits of earth and make breaking up the dirt much easier.

garden gloves: gloves are great for when you have to pull up possible poisonous weeds (like poison ivy) and handle prickly things. they will also save your nails from getting dirty! be sure to find a pair that's comfortable and breathable.

hose: a hose will be nice for when several trips with a watering can aren't possible (or fun). use it on especially dry days to water your plants thoroughly and to clean up dirt messes on the patio.

spade: a spade is another great tool for if you have to chunk up a lot of yard or dirt. get a long handled one so you can really put a lot of force behind it!

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 caring for you tools:

be sure to rinse your tools after each using water and a soft bristled brush. dry before storing to prevent rust.

sterilize cutting tools to prevent spreading diseases from plant to plant. either use hydrogen peroxide or grapefruit seed extract.

*this post was not sponsored by terrain- i just happen to love them! :)

resources: terrain / you grown girl

photo by: f2images

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