Filtering your Water

we all know how important drinking water is. in fact, we couldn't survive more than 3 days without it! it's essential to all living things. however in 2012, americans managed to consumed an overwhelming 9.67 billion gallons of bottled water- that's over 10 oz of bottled water per man, woman in child every single day!

we all know that tap water in most cities contains chlorine, traces of metals like arsenic, lead and aluminum and added fluoride that may contribute to hypothyroidism, weekend bones and nerve damage. the answer to avoiding this for many people has been to turn to bottled water- but that's the wrong answer!

in terms of health, the flexible plastic water bottles are a source of phthalates, a petrochemical that has been shown to emasculate male offspring and bring on early puberty in females. the longer the water is in contact with the plastic, or if the water has ever been heated (like if left in a car), the more phthalates will leach into the water (so be sure not to reuse the bottles, either!).

besides, studies have shown that most bottled water in this $25 billion industry in the U.S. is no better than tap water anyways (and some is worse!).

the economic cost is also enormous. bottled water is expensive and expensive to transport, while tap water is delivered through an energy efficient infrastructure. we complain about paying $3 for a gallon of gas, but then pay just as much for a gallon of bottled water (which could be free!).

the answer? filter your water! there are so many different kinds of water filtration systems out there and they will clean your water, save you money and save lots of plastic from ending up in the landfills. choose from whole-house filters, sink-top filters, counter-top filters (like brita or pur) or showerhead filters.

also, be sure to drink your water from a healthy container. use glass (i love my bkr!), stainless steel or (if you must) hard plastic containers. generally, you'll want to avoid softer plastics because they contain harmful chemicals (like BPA and phthalates).

resources: living green photo by: zuma's findings

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