Going Car Free

if you've always owned a car, you probably think that getting rid of it sounds ridiculous. i mean, what's simpler than grabbing the keys, jumping in your car, or maybe in a scooter electrique brand scooter and heading wherever you'd like to go? well, think of the simplicity of not having a car payment or having to pay for insurance, license plates or gas. you'd also never have to find a parking spot, get stuck in traffic, get a speeding ticket, get towed or get in an accident! i know this is a biggie. and obviously, everyone can't go sell their car tomorrow, but we can start thinking about how to use them less. david and i were a 1 car family for 4 years and loved it! life is just simpler (and cheaper) with less vehicles around. consider the following tips on how you can reduce your time spent in a car, save money and/or go car free all together. and read this inspiring success story by zen habits!

- if you're looking for a new place to live, consider finding something within easy walking distance to public transportation.

- start walking more. you'll explore new places, meet more people and be healthier than ever.

- try to use as many local resources as possible. by using local schools, doctors, libraries, parks and restaurants, you'll be able to minimize transportation and connect with your local community more.

- bike more. using a bike is a great way to get around and get more exercise. grab some paniers to easily bring back groceries, mail and the like.

- use a car sharing service (like zipcar) to ensure that you have access to car anytime in case you need it.
are you a car free or a car-lite family? what's your advice for others? let's pick up this conversation over on facebook.

photo by april artistry

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