How to Make a Succulent Garden + Care Guide


our local hardware had 75% off their succulents this week, so of course i went and stocked up! succulents are my favorite house plant. they're beautiful, extremely easy to keep and come in a huge variety of shapes and forms. below you'll find steps on how i made this little succulent garden as well as a quick succulent care guide.

step 1: gather several small to medium sized succulents. look for ones that are well established in their soil and have nice plump leaves (avoid ones with browning leaves).

step 2: get a large shallow planting pot or bowl (mine came from ikea). make sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom.

step 3: begin filling your pot with a succulent friendly soil (i used this kind).

step 4: start planting your succulents. begin with a focal point and start adding smaller ones around it. don't worry about over crowding, they can be planted very close together.

step 5: look for holes and fill them in!

step 6: top the soil with a light gravel if you want (optional). water the soil and avoid getting the leaves wet (be careful not to over water!). sit back and admire!

succulents are extremely easy to keep indoors, but there are just a few things you should keep in mind.


succulents don't like too much water. in fact, being over watered is the number one reason they die! wait until the soil feels dry to the touch in between waterings.


succulents love sunlight. place them near a south facing window or where they get plenty of sunlight. keep an eye out for 'stretching' limbs that might indicate they need to be moved closer to a sunlight source.


some succulents may need to be trimmed occasionally. remove any damaged leaves as you see them and trim back stray limbs to keep plants looking compact.


propagating succulents is easy! simply take off a few leaves and put them on damp soil to grow. check out this post for step by step instructions.

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