Planting a Flower Garden

for years, i've only planted vegetables and herbs. there was a direct payoff for all my hard work- food! it wasn't until about a year ago i realized how much i enjoyed having flowers in my yard. freshly cut flowers bring me so much joy as they brighten my home and fill it fragrance. arranging a bouquet of flowers is relaxing and peaceful. so, i'm excited to share with you that i have just planted my first ever flower garden! 

here are a few more reasons for planting a flower garden. :)

- plant flowers to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and birds

- some kinds of flowers provide food for beneficial insects. the insects that attack pests in a garden often rely on flowers as a source of energy and nutrients.*

- with flower seed packets running around $1, planting flowers is a great way to save money and keep fresh blooms in your home all summer long!

- planting flowers will help decrease air pollution and soil erosion - every bit helps!

*if you're interested in planting flowers to control pests and attract beneficial insects, be sure to read this article. it's full of great advice!

have you ever planted a flower garden? if so, hop on over to our facebook group page to share with us your favorite reasons why!

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