Then & Now: My grandmothers

My momma, Maxie Makes, has been working on the sweetest project with my grandmothers. After finding photos of both of them from when they were 18, she set out to photograph them in all of their beauty, both then and now.

Evelyn Ramey at age 18 & 94

This is my dad's mother. Her grandchildren affectionately call her grandma and her great children call her 'Evie'. When I think of her, I think of summers spent canning green beans, searching for worms in her compost pile and counting her house plants. The last time we counted, she had 93.

When she was 18,  she decided to have her photo taken so, she went to a photographer in downtown in Mooresville, NC, where she lived. The photographer took her portrait and thought her eyes were so soulful that he asked if he could put her photo in the window as advertisement. The door way of the shop was deep, and the glass window curved in from the sidewalk toward the door. He placed her photo there, behind the curved glass. A young man named Carlyle saw the photo and went into the shop to ask if he could buy it. The photographer said, "Well, I couldn't sell it to you without her permission."

One day a group of young people gathered at the parsonage, and Evelyn was in the group. She had never met Carlyle until that day, when he came limping down the hallway with a cane, being funny and pretending to be an old man. They started dating soon after, and needless to say, he got permission to buy that portrait. They were married soon after, and Carlyle became my sweet grandpa!

Marrell Miles at age 18 & 83

This is my mom's mother, who we lovingly call grandmomma.

This is such a special lady, and we have so much in common. Her mother (my great grandmother) used to sew clothes for her as a child. Then, my grandmomma picked it up and worked in a "cloth store" most of her life. This is what made my mom fall in love with sewing, and she began making all of her clothes by the time she was in middle school. As you know, she now owns A Stitch in Time and is the creator of Maxie Makes. And so on goes the passion with my own career in fabric design! I love thinking about all the generations working together and carrying on each others passions.

Grandmomma has kept a flower garden more magnificent than any I've ever seen her entire life. She speaks with a softness and wisdom with an elegant southern accent that I'll never forget. She's funny, caring, thoughtful and always keeps ginger snaps in her cupboard.

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