A NEW Class! Master Color with the Recolor Artwork Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Hello, friends! I'm so excited to have just published a new class on Skillshare that answers the questions I get asked most frequently about COLOR! You can now join me to master color using the recolor artwork tool in Adobe Illustrator! Psst. If you're new to Skillshare, this link will give you your first month for free!

When it comes to illustration, color can easily be one of the most important elements of a design. Mastering the use of color in Adobe Illustrator will be a key factor in taking your designs to the next level. While the recolor artwork is the most powerful color tool in Illustrator, it’s also one of the most complex. In this course, we’ll be focusing on coloring artwork for print, whether that’s stationery and wallpaper or fabric and ribbon. I’ll teach you how to create color palettes that work, lock and reduce colors in the recolor artwork tool, tips on how to recolor watercolor paintings, convert your colors to Pantones and easily recolor your repeating patterns.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're new to Illustrator, I would love to have you join me in my other Skillshare courses! Both Intro to Surface Pattern Design and Surface Pattern Design 2.0 are very comprehensive. This course will assume that you're either competent in Illustrator or that you've taken these two courses first. :)


In this course, we’ll be focusing on coloring artwork and repeating patterns in Adobe Illustrator using the Recolor Artwork Tool.

  • How to make a custom color palette
  • What makes a color palette work
  • How to locate colors in a document
  • How to reduce the number of colors in an illustration
  • How to lock colors
  • How to use Global Adjustments
  • How to recolor watercolor illustrations
  • How to convert a document's colors to Pantone
  • How to recolor repeating patterns

This course is designed to give you all the technical and creative skills you need to start designing beautifully colored illustrations and patterns. My hope is that it will leave you feeling motivated and inspired follow your creative dreams!


All you'll need for this course is Adobe Illustrator (begin a free trial here)! This class is taught in Adobe CC, though any version should work! :)

LET'S GET STARTED! You can join class RIGHT HERE!


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