A New Sign Collection with The Summery Umbrella

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This has been such a fun collaboration! When I met LZ from the Summery Umbrella a few years ago, we immediately hit it off. When she pitched the idea to collab on her spring sign collection, I immediately said YES!!

We finalized 8 signs, and the collection is so sweet - made with quotes that are meant to uplift and encourage the littles ones in our lives. Once we settled on the quotes for each sign, I began working on the lettering and illustrations. The lettering was so fun for this project - it's wild and free, which I think suits the collection's theme perfectly.

Pre-sells for the collection will launch January 9th, but you have to sign up here to receive the super secret link (!!) to purchase early (with reduced pricing!). The collection will then open to the public from January 16th - February 16th, or until the signs run out, whichever comes first.

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Once my illustration work was complete, LZ began actually making the handmade signs. Seeing them come to life has been incredible! So much so that I asked LZ to answer a few questions about the collection and construction of the signs. See Below!

Q: Tell us about the collection - what was the inspiration behind choosing these quotes?

LZ: Ever since I can remember I've had a serious crush on quotes. I love reading my favorites on a daily basis to remind me of my goals, dreams, and even how to survive failure. With that being said, the quotes for this gorgeous new collection were selected with my daughter Ava and other young children in mind. It's hard understanding the world when you're only five years old (Miss Ava's age), and I wanted to use encouraging quotes that would emphasis independence, adventure, and also let them know that they are truly loved.

Q: Can you give us a glimpse into what goes into making a sign? What is your favorite part of the sign making process?

LZ: There are sooooo many different ways to create a sign. In fact, I'm even writing an ebook about the 30+ ways that they can be accomplished using a variety of techniques! They can range from a beginner level (only taking 15 minutes to create) to many days (mainly due to allowing your paint to cure).

Here are my typical steps that go into creating a sign (the super short version):

1.) Create a new design by hand
2.) Convert my design into a vector using Adobe Illustrator
3.) Convert my vector into a cut image using my Silhouette Cameo
4.) Cut the design out on vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo
5.) Add transfer tape to the vinyl and pull out all of the pieces I do not need.
6.) Paint my board (allow it to dry for a few days)
7.) Add my vinyl design to the board and pull off the transfer tape
8.) Paint! I prefer my airbrush by far.
9.) Pull off the vinyl
10.) Cut the frame wood and frame the sign
11.) Distress the frame with my orbital sander
12.) Add hangers and my logo to the back
13.) Package it up for deliver!

By far, my all-time favorite step in the process is coming up with new ideas and creating the design by hand. :)

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Don't forget! Sign up here to get notified when the collection launches!


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