My Favorite Workbook of ALL Time

Earlier this year, I delightfully attended Lisa Jacob's book launch for the latest edition of her book, Your Best Year. If you're not familiar with Lisa, you're in for a treat. She's the power house marketing machine over at Marketing Creativity, and (lucky for us) her passion is in sharing what she knows.

Since attending the launch, my business, drive and productivity has been electrifying. I worked through the book myself, for the first time (which is a bit embarrassing to admit, since Lisa is a personal friend and this book has had best-selling status for the past several years!).

Let's just say, I devoured it. Instead of napping on a 5am flight, I was reading it. I was staying up late to read it at night. And when I wasn't reading it, I was blabbing about it to everyone I knew.

With the turn of each page, I was learning more and more of exactly what I knew I needed to be focusing on. You know when you have things you know you need to focus on, but just can't wrap your mind around them? For me, it was newsletter marketing, marketing strategies, copy writing and long term planning for my business.  I had stopped short of doing my homework on all of these things, time and time again because I just didn't feel like mucking my way through google, again.

Finally, there it all was, right in front of me. Everything that I had been wanting to learn, compiled in a way that made sense, felt achievable and extremely invigorating.

I have finished the workbook, and already put my best year into motion. There’s so much potential in the air this time of year, and I love channeling that energy into real results. I know you will too!

Your Best Year 2018 speaks to the best version of YOU. It will appeal to her, strengthen her, and help you bring her to life. It’s your time! It’s going to be hard work (but that’s okay, you’ll survive).

And the best news? Your Best Year 2018 is On SALE Now

Through my link, you can enjoy 20% off either edition of Your Best Year 2018, or a whopping 40% off the bundle of both ($15 for the Life and Business Editions of the book) until Monday, November 20. (Thank you, Lisa!)

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The sale ends Monday, November 20 at midnight EST. Don’t want you to miss out!

Enjoy! xo, Bonnie

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