The Give List (a printable!)

  Christmas Give List by Bonnie Christine (4)

It is truly more blessed to give than to receive. Don't you agree? Every year I enjoy making my 'give list' so much. It's filled not with the things I wish to receive, but the things that I'm excited to give to the ones I love.

I begin each year by jotting down the ideas I have for everyone. Then, as I make items or purchase them, I put a check mark in the box labeled ‘bought’. Next, I check them off one more time as they get wrapped just to make sure everything arrives and gets put under the tree. I also usually jot down the price next to each item, so I can keep track of what I spend each year, as well.

Christmas Give List by Bonnie Christine (3)

Making a list of all the gifts I want to give is a huge help when it comes to keeping all the giving straight. "Did I buy that yet? Wrap that gift for dad?" Using this list will help prevent anything from getting lost or forgotten!

Christmas Give List by Bonnie Christine (2)

>> TO DOWNLOAD: click HERE to download and print. Have fun, Santa!

Be sure to print 'side 2' to have the 'no peeking' label visible when your list is folded into quarters. No more spoiled gifts! :)

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  • I love this list! Thank you for sharing it with everyone! Its great even though the holidays aren’t for a long time! Sometimes I buy something for someone during the year and by the holidays I have completely forgotten that I bought it! Thank you!