Exciting changes to the Roost Tribe!

The Roost Tribe

In 2009, I had a dream to become a surface pattern designer >> but I had no formal training, no online presence and no idea where to start. Through years of dedication and hard work, my dreams became reality.

Shortly after, I created the Roost Tribe as a way to share all that I had learned. I created exactly what I would have wanted to be a part of myself, only a few years prior. My story is why I am so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned, and helping others accomplish their goals, too.

Today, I enjoy doing the work that I love, working with incredible companies, supporting my family, being creative every single day all the while staying at home with my two littles. I couldn't have imagined a more fulfilling and exciting career!

But you know what? I could have never gotten here without investing in the training that I needed.

My goal is to help YOU accomplish your creative dreams, too. It's possible, and it's within reach!

So here's what I've done: over the last few months, I've re-imagined how the Roost Tribe works, and I'm so excited to share some changes with you.

After pouring over 100s of responses from a recent survey given to the Roost Tribe, I'm thrilled to start serving YOU better. With a more focused approach to materials, the Tribe has become THE HOME for creative business owners, artists, aspiring illustrators and seasoned designers. In fact, you can see the schedule for the entire upcoming year right here.

>> Ahem. Did you click over to the year at glance schedule? I think you'll love it! << 

Join us today to lock in your price FOREVER.

You have two membership options:

  1. Limited Access Members (currently $15/month): members get access to 8 weeks of material at a time. As new content gets added, older material rolls over to the Roost Tribe Library that only Full Access members can view.
  2. Full Access Members (currently $149/year): members get access to everything that's ever been sent to the Roost Tribe (over 5 years worth of content valued at over $4000!). It's all nicely categorized and searchable for members so it's easy to find you need it.

The Roost Tribe Library currently contains over 40 Adobe Illustrator tutorials, 50 printables, business eBooks, sewing patterns, clip art collections, inspirational backgrounds, pattern collections and over 100 educational articles for your growing business.

Join our creative community to lock in your price forever and rest assured that once you become a member, your price will never change (as long as you remain a member).

If you've ever been tempted to join, don't miss out on locking in this affordable price. If you want to read more before joining, check out the FAQ, testimonials and Year at a Glance.

I'll see you on the inside! Love, Bonnie



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