Create three types of videos in iMovie

Watch here:

Movie Length: 18:41
Password: MovieTime
Psst. If you don’t have access to iMovie, be sure to check out Animoto!

I have spent the majority of this week making movies and I couldn’t be more excited to share the results with you! In this (somewhat lengthy) tutorial, I’m showing you how to make three different types of movies:

  1. Regular videos with added audio, B-roll footage, transitions and intros.
  2. Stop Motion Videos
  3. Time Lapse Videos

For content, I jumped at the opportunity to help my mom launch her latest product called Maxie Mail, her NEW monthly sewing box subscription. As promised in the above tutorial, here is the FINAL CUT! (See the bottom of this post for a Roost Tribe special offer!)

For this video, we used the advice from Wistia’s Tutorial and made our own DIY lighting kit. It was easy! You can see our set up below:

We set up three lights and two DSLR cameras: one for forward view footage, and a second for some added side view footage. We used this RODE mic on one of the cameras (which I took all of the audio from). Having an external mic makes all the difference! Be sure to reference last week’s post for lots of suggestions on video set up.

Your homework this week is to edit your video and share it with us by the end of the month!  

Maxie Mail Sewing Subscription Box

Interested in learning more about Maxie Mail?

After sewing for most of her life and owning a quilt shop for 13 of them, Maxie is an absolute master in the sewing room. She can make anything she sets her mind to and has a special knack for making people gasp as she shares her tips and tricks to demystifying sewing techniques. She’s taught local sewing classes for over a decade and is ready to take all of her knowledge and share it with the world through Maxie Mail.

What’s special about this sewing box? I’m so glad you asked!

  • The purpose of the box is to help you be successful in your sewing room. No more UFPs (unfinished projects), no more frustrations in trying to figure out a project. Can I get an amen?
  • By working through each box, you’ll be growing your sewing skill set. Each month you’ll learn a new technique that you’ll be able to use for projects for the rest of your sewing life!
  • Subscribers will get access to a member’s only portal where they’ll find exclusive content to support that month’s box each and every month. Think patterns, video tutorials and more!
  • Projects will use an assortment of modern fabrics exclusively from Art Gallery Fabrics, the highest quality pima cotton in the industry.
  • Each project box will include helpful tools, notions and a special treat just for you.
  • Boxes make great gifts and a fun opportunity to host a ladies sewing night each month, too!

ROOST TRIBE SPECIAL! Maxie is extending the deadline for receiving October’s box until Sunday, October 29th to Roost Tribe members only! Check out this month’s box REVEAL and sign up to receive yours HERE.

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