5th Friday Focus with THE Attorney for Creatives, Christina Scalera

Video: 55:59
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Hello, hello! Welcome to our last '5th Friday Focus' of the year. Today I get to introduce to you another person that I consider to be a 'part of my team', someone that helps me take my business to the next level.
Meet Christinas Scalera, THE attorney for creative entrepreneurs!
Christina and I met several years ago at a workshop I hosted, and immediately hit it off. Working with her and watching her business grow over the years has been absolutely amazing!
First and foremost, Christina is an attorney who specializes in creative businesses. In addition to working on trademarks and copyrights, I personally work with her to review each contract I consider so I'm sure I really understand everything it says. Then, we work together and fine tune it if necessary. I've also used her a few times to help me get out of a bind. For instance, she helped me dissolve a contract after a company failed to pay royalties to their artists. This isn't common, but if it ever happens to you, you'll be glad to have someone you can turn to for help!
All in all, if you need an attorney that understands creative businesses, Christina is your girl.
The other side to Christina's business is all about CONTRACTS. She's passionate about helping other creatives legalize their businesses, and specializes in creating contract templates to help you through The Contract Shop. If you're a photographer, graphic designer, blogger, event stylist or any other kind of creative entrepreneur, be sure to check out The Contract Shop for an easy way to protect yourself and your business.
Don't forget to download your free eBook (as discussed in the video!). Visit The Contract Shop and click on 'Legalize your Biz' at the top of the page to download.
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