Your plan of attack, for the entire year.

Yesterday I shared with you that I've formed a schedule for the Roost Tribe for the entire yearIts focused approach is designed to help you learn, develop, plan and attack your creative goals.

Today I want to show you what exactly that looks like. Take just a minute to see what's in store for the Roost Tribe this coming year:

>> psst - want a printable version? click here!

MARCH - all about COLOR!

March 3: Monthly Challenge: Color an illustration or pattern 3 ways
March 10: Video Tutorial: Learn 3 different ways to color an illustration
March 17: Article: How to pick a color palette that WOWS
March 24: Going Live: 1st Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
March 31: 5th Friday Focus with Surface Pattern Designer Jessica Swift on all things COLOR

* Q1 Trend Report Released

APRIL: Making a plan and staying motivated

April 7: Monthly Challenge: Mark your mission
April 14: Video Tutorial: How to make an inspirational quote art print or desktop wallpaper
April 21: Article: How to get started and stay motivated
April 28: To do: You checklist for entering the 'real world' as a designer

MAY: Getting started with an industry

May 5: Monthly Challenge: Choose an industry
May 12: Where to start - Fabric? Wallpaper? Stationery?
May 19: Video Tutorial: All about mock-ups - applying your patterns to products
May 26: Article: Stop feeling stuck, nourish your creativity, see your work flourish

* Q2 Trend Report Released

JUNE: Marketing 101

June 2: Monthly Challenge: Make a Marketing Plan
June 9: Article: 3 Marketing Strategies I use
June 16: Creative Business: How to make connections, collaborate and organize projects.
June 23: Going Live: 2nd Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
June 30 - 5th Friday Focus with (my!) accountant Amy Northard

JULY: Leverage your own handwriting

July 7: Monthly Challenge: Share your handwriting
July 14: Video Tutorial: Vectorize your lettering for use online (optional iPad Pro tutorial)
July 21: Article: Staying focused +  Time Management Skills
July 28: Creative Business: 5 Books you can't afford to miss

AUGUST: Getting noticed and charging for your work

August 4: Monthly Challenge: Design an invitation (birthday, wedding, shower, etc)
August 11: Video Tutorial: Invitation layouts + choosing complimentary fonts
August 18: Article: How to get your work noticed in the industry.
August 25: Creative Business: Pricing your work - what to charge?

* Q3 Trend Report Released

SEPTEMBER: Copyrights, Taxes, Invoices, Business, LLC/S-Corp

September 1: Monthly Challenge: Going pro: Copyrights, Taxes, Invoices, Business, LLC/S-Corp
September 8: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to make a professional invoice
September 15: Article: The business side of Surface Pattern Design
September 22: Going Live: 3rd Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
September 29 - 5th Friday Focus TBA

OCTOBER: working with videos

October 6: Monthly Challenge: Make your own video tutorial
October 13: Article: Camera and Audio setup for videos
October 20: Video Tutorial: How to edit with iMovie
October 27: Creative Business: Providing value and income through videos

NOVEMBER: building a portfolio that WOWS

November 3: Monthly Challenge: Show your work, make a contact!
November 10: Video Tutorial: How to build a portfolio that WOWS
November 17: Article: A behind the scenes look at working with companies.
November 24: holiday

* Q4 Trend Report Released

DECEMBER: calendars and product photography

December 1: Monthly Challenge: Design a 2018 Calendar
December 8: Video Tutorial: Tips on working with calendars for print & web
December 15: Going live: 4th Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
December 22: Article: Product photography + editing
December 29 - holiday

Did that just get you fired up?! It did me! But the thing is, you have to join the Roost Tribe to get all of it. If you want to read more before joining, check out the FAQ, testimonials and Year at a Glance.

I'll see you on the inside! Love, Bonnie




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