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Forkner Farmhouse Kitchen Tour (15)

Over the last several months, I've shared with you our dream to build and how it has all unfolded. If you've been following along on Instagram, you've seen the entire process from start to finish! The build took 18 weeks from start to finish and we moved in about a month ago. I feel a massive mix of emotions from grateful to undeserving to 'ahhhh' we're finally settled. No matter what the emotion, I always circle back to feeling so blessed that we were able to build the home our children will remember as their house.

I've been sharing lots of sneak peeks over on Instagram. My greater plan is to share the details of each space with you, one by one. I'd like to give you an in depth look at the final rooms, fixtures, info on the build, how I designed the floor plan for the room and any design struggles we overcame through the process.

I'm sure the entire house will take several months for me to share here, but my goal is to post about them with you here as we get settled.

Let's start in the kitchen, shall we? Psst. See the bottom of this post for a product list and floor plan!

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I dreamt up the kitchen almost entirely around Lacanche’s Cluny Range. I made this noble appliance the center of the kitchen and it functions as the heart of the entire home. I paired it with an oversized farmhouse sink and a small walk-in pantry around the corner for flow and functionality.

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Decision #34,586 was whether or not to have 2 or 3 open shelves on either side of the hood. I've seen so many kitchens that have 3 gorgeously styles shelves, but given my height I knew that I would have to have a step ladder to reach a 3rd. We decided to go with practicality and only put two shelves up, and I have loved them. It's just enough space to mix practical and pretty and I can reach everything (on my tip toes)! Above two photos by Callie Lynch.

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I wanted the overall look and feel of this kitchen to be easy, timeless and elegant. One thing I was initially concerned about was mixing metal finishes. I used a lot of satin brass throughout the house, but the appliances and range hood in the kitchen are stainless (plus the actual range mixed both finishes together!). I decided to stay 'in line' with the finishes, so the pot filler is stainless to match the hood above it. It flows very well now and I love how the mixed finishes look now!

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These doors lead into the pantry (shown below). I decided to use two swinging doors here since the refrigerator is just across the hallway, that way we wouldn't be bumping doors together.

Bonnie Christine's Farmhouse Pantry

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I had never designed a house in my life, but after living in many houses designed by other people I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted (and what I didn't want). Designing the floor plan for my kitchen allowed me to design a space that works with me, and not vice versa. I'm happy (relieved, really) to say that it’s by far the most functional kitchen I’ve ever worked in.

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Forkner Farmhouse Kitchen Tour (3)Above two photos by Callie Lynch.

Forkner Farmhouse Kitchen Tour (5)

Ah, the floor plan! The kitchen is definitely what I spent most of my time on. At one point it was an L-shaped kitchen, but I ultimately decided to open it up so that we could walk a circle around the entire house (and the kids could run laps!). The other feautre I kept going back and forth on was the 4 feet of space right behind the kitchen range wall. It houses the walk in pantry, a small utility closet and the hall closet. Keeping this extra space really made all the difference, especially in terms of storage.

One design struggle we had to consider was whether or not to center the range on the wall, or center it to the house (and fireplace). I wanted it to be center to the house, but because we had open shelving on both sides, I couldn't figure out how to make it work and look balanced. The wall that the range sits on isn't exactly center to the house because of the hallway sizes, and the fact that the refrigerator is included in one of those hallways. At the end of the day we decided to keep the range centered to the wall and I'm so happy we did. Even though it's not quite centered to the house, it looks balanced and even. Yay!

One of the easiest ways to test out the design flow of a room is to make a mood board of the colors, fixtures and products you hope to use. This way you can see how everything jives before you actually buy it. They helped me tremendously, so I'll be sharing them with you as we go room from room. Below are a list of products, finishes, colors and fixtures that we used in the kitchen. Hope you enjoy browsing!

Wall sconces: Princeton Mid and Long Arm Sconce
Cake Plates: Embossed Cake Plates
Pottery: East Fork Pottery
Kitchen Faucet and Pot Filler: Waterstone
Loom Counter Stools: Orient Express Furniture
Rugs and runner: Seljuk Loom
Cabinet Hardware: Emtek
Oven Cluny Range by Lacanche
Globe Lights: Languedoc Sconce
Glass Jars: Weck
Tea Towel & Turkish towel: Mur
Dish Soap: Murchinson Hume
Vase by sink: Pink terracotta vase
Sink side dish: Ceramic Bowl by Lavellier Emporium
Pizza boards Boards: etúHOME
Surface mount lights in entry: Carolina Flush Mount by Worley's Lighting
Subway Tile: Ceramic Subway Tile in Matte
Quartz Countertop: Honed Hanstone Tranquility

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