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Hello loves! Today I get to share with you what has turned out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house - the laundry room! My goal with this space was to make it somewhere I would enjoy spending time. After all, why does such a mundane task like folding laundry be boring?

Info on this series: Over the course of several months, I plan to share the details of each space in our home with you. You can see lots more over on Instagram and scroll to the bottom of this post for the floor plan of this room and a list of products used.

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The door that leads to the laundry room is extra special. I stumbled across it several months ago while scouring a local antique shop and immediately fell in love! It was in really rough shape, so I committed to completely restoring it. We stripped the paint, ordered new glass panes for it, repaired the damage, gave it a fresh coat of paint (well, more like 6 coats!) and swapped the handle to the opposite side. I love that it lets you see into the room, but you can't make out the details without opening the door. Perfect for a laundry room!

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The first time I saw this tile pattern, I fell in love. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to order it, but am so happy I took the plunge! The mix of modern and old in this room is what I love most.

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We used a vintage style wall mount faucet and paired it with the smallest farmhouse sink I could find (which was 18"). It's the highest faucet in the house, which makes it perfect for filling oversized watering cans or washing off boots. Adding an elongated hexagon backsplash and a shelf made from a piece of vintage chippy wood we found finished off this nook and make it extra functional.

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A hanging clothes dryer and old vintage laundry sign finished off the space. I especially love the ceiling airer - perfect for letting delicates air dry (after hanging clothes on it, you can pull it up to the ceiling where they'll dry out of the way!).

Laundry Room Tour

And the floor plan! The hallway to the right of the laundry room is the main entry into the house, so the antique door is one of the first things you see when you walk in. Behind the laundry room is the guest room, so we made sure to sound proof all the walls in this room (which worked like a charm!).

One thing I struggled through with the floorplan was where to place the closet for the guest room. You can see here that it juts out into the laundry room, and I hated to make this room any smaller than it already was. Placing the closet anywhere else didn't work though, so after going round and round with it, we decided to keep it here. I thought it might make the room feel tight, but it ended up carving out a perfect nook for cleaning supplies and the sink, so I'm really happy with how it turned out!

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One of the easiest ways to test out the design flow of a room is to make a mood board of the colors, fixtures and products you hope to use. (This way you can see how everything jives before you actually buy it!) Making these boards helped me tremendously, so I'm be sharing them with you as we go room from room. Below are a list of products, finishes, colors and fixtures that we used in the laundry room. I hope you enjoy browsing!

Product List

Pulleymaid Ceiling Airer
First Aid Tin
Zenith Tile by Cle Tile
Horse Hair Broom
Striped Linen Apron
Swan Neck Light
Iron Shelf Brackets by Cascade Iron
Heritage Wall Mount Sink Faucet
Wash & Dry Sign
Factory Light by Schoolhouse Electric
Canvas Laundry Basket by Steele
Iron hooks by Schoolhouse Electric
Cabinet Hardware by Emtek

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