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Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (2)

Hello, and welcome to the Farmhouse! Today I get to give you a little tour of miss Ollie's sleeping quarters. :) Ollie just turned two and has always loved delicate things. She's gentle, careful and soft spoken, most of the time.

Info on this series: If you're just catching up, my family had the opportunity to build our first home in early 2017. It's been the most wonderful experience, and I've written all about it here. Over the course of several months, I plan to share the details of each space in our home with you. You can see lots more over on Instagram and scroll to the bottom of this post for the floor plan of this room and a list of products used.

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Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (14)

One of my favorite parts of Ollie's room is this big and beautiful wallpaper from Anewall. It's feminine and delicate without being too childish (hello, I want it in my bedroom!).

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 Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (8)

Ollie has a special love for baby dolls, of any kind at all! She takes care of them, snuggles them in for sleep and must always have one by her side during naps.

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Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (4)  Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (11)

Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (13)

Bonnie's Modern Farmhouse (1)

The floor plan:

I wanted desperately for all of us to sleep on the same level, and it was so hard to find this in a floor plan. So hard, in fact, that it's one of the main reasons I decided to design my own! The children's rooms are side by side, and exact replicas of each other. We made them just about as small as possible (about 10x10). Our goal was to use them as sleeping quarters, and the rest of the time pull the kids to the main living area. It was for this same reason that we didn't run tv cable lines to to any of the bedrooms. Family time is everything!

Products used:

Blush wallpaper from Anewall
Doe print from Minted
Wooden play house
Wooden Blocks by Elizabeth Olwen for Land of Nod
Hexagon Shelves by Haase Handcraft
Round floral painting from BariJ
White book shelves by RH Baby
Capiz Flower Pendant by PB Kids

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