All New: The Gathered Fabrics Lookbook!


Today I'm proud to announce the release of the new Gathered Fabrics Lookbook! It's filled with over 60 pages of projects, patterns and inspiration.

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To celebrate the launch I thought it would be fun to share a few of the questions and answers from a recent interview with Art Gallery Fabrics over the collection. Read the full interview inside the Lookbook!

AGF Q: Hi there, Bonnie! Congratulations on releasing your latest fabric collection, Gathered! We understand you drew a lot of inspiration from gardening. Can you elaborate on how this green thumb inspiration translated into fabric prints?

A: Thank you! You’re right, I love to garden and couldn’t help but let it shine through in this collection. The garden is the heart of our home, and a place where I love to spend time. It’s a quiet place where I can go to renew my mind, but also a place where I my children can be fully intwined. They help me plan the garden, start and transplant seedlings, pick flowers and harvest the veggies. I always let them choose their favorites and I love seeing the wonder in their eyes as they watch everything grow! Plus there’s something extra special about grabbing a snack straight from the garden. It’s for all these reason that I love digging in the dirt, and wanted to incorporate it into this collection.

Q: There’s a quote from Impressionist Claude Monet found on two different prints! How did his words make their way into this collection?

A: This quote, “I must have flowers, always and always” has always sat well with me. It’s not only lovely, but it’s been true for me nearly my entire life. My mother grew flowers for me by request when I was a little girl, and I can remember being the only one in school that kept flowers at my desk. Today, I grow them so that I can keep vases of fresh flowers by my work desk. I think it’s the best way to breathe life into a room!

Q: What would you love to see makers sew with Gathered?

A: I will never tire of seeing what beautiful things talented makers create with my designs. I suppose my favorites are alway the ones that mark milestones or might be kept as heirlooms. Quilts for loved ones, swaddles for young ones and the special things that we make and cherish for ourselves.

I hope you'll find that this collection is, as well. Whether you share my same passions or have your own, I wish you more of whatever you love to gather, or more time with whoever you love to gather with.


More details:

Looking to purchase? Gathered started shipping to stores all over the world just this week.  Shop one of the Online Retailers or see if your nearest independent quilt or fabric shop is currently stocked with it.

Shop the full collection online now at the Fat Quarter Shop and Hawthorne Threads.

Using Gathered? Share your projects by using the hashtag #AGFGathered on Instagram! 

Download Art Gallery Fabrics app to view all the collections, shop online and find a store near you. Download here: Apple or Android

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