Announcing: Answer the Call Workshop

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! I'm happy to share a dreamy idea I’ve been working on for the last nine months with two of my favorite people. My in-person workshop: Answer the Call is coming to New Orleans, LA!

Answer the Call was created for women with big dreams: artists, designers, visionaries, shop owners, service providers and goal-getters like YOU. If there’s a vision on your heart that has been whispering (or shouting) at you for too long, learn from three way-showers how to finally answer that call and make it happen.

I am co-hosting this event with a couple of amazing ladies (and leaders) in the creative industry. I think you’ll recognize them: Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity and Kara Benz of Boho Berry.

Come reimagine your life. It’s a one-day intensive for a group of one hundred women. The workshop will take place the gorgeous and serene Botanical Gardens of New Orleans, LA.

Come Away with Us

Come away with us to connect with like-minded women. Come to escape the hustle, reset your focus, and breathe new life into your dreams and plans. Come away to spend the weekend with people who speak your language. Come to bust out of your comfort zone, enjoy new ideas and a fresh perspective.

As your presenters and hosts, Lisa, Kara, and I will be offering an honest and transparent look inside the making of our careers and the courage it took to answer our own callings. We won’t sugarcoat, nor will we water it down. No question will go unanswered, no struggle will go unheard. We’re there with one purpose: to show you what it takes to create the vision of success you never thought possible before.

We’ve each prepared talks, handouts and resources to help you take your ideas to the next level, but we’ve also left plenty of space in between our scheduled sessions to let the idea-generating, action-planning magic unfold.

Save the Date

Meet-ups like this are a huge step away from your comfort zone. We know the decision is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. All you have to do right now is save the date.

Write it down in your calendar: Thursday, October 4!

Next week, we’ll be sending more details your way on how to purchase a ticket via a newsletter - you can sign up to receive it right here. I hope to meet you in New Orleans!

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