Fabric Covered Notebooks


For years, I have kept a stack of fabric covered notebooks nearby. I always keep one to sketch in, and love having them to give as gifts, too. I recently made a set of 40 in a single afternoon to give in the  welcome packets of the Immersion Retreat. They are incredibly easy to make and customize!

I used Art Gallery Fabrics new ‘woodland bundle’ for the set above and love how they turned out.  To make your sewing projects easier, AGF has created these fabric bundles to help you easily coordinate fabrics. With bundles, there’s no need to think about what fabric goes with what and if the colors are right, because the work is done for you. I’m honored to have several prints included in the Woodland Bundle and have found that they’re perfect for a multitude of projects. Grab your favorite bundle and sew with a theme you love!!

Here’s what you need:

1) A piece of fusible big enough to cover the size of your notebook, front and back. My favorite is Lite Steam A Seam 2.
2) A set of notebooks
3) A pair of sharp fabric scissors
5) An iron
6) Fabric big enough to wrap around your notebook.


1) Iron a piece of fusible large enough to wrap around your notebook. 
2) Remove the paper liner and place the fusible to the wrong side of your fabric. Iron into place. 
3) Next, you need to apply the fabric to to the notebook one of two ways:

a) Measure your notebook and cut the fusible fabric to size. Peel off remaining paper liner (leaving the web on the fabric) and stick to your notebook, making sure to line it up perfectly!


b) Iron the fusible fabric onto the notebook (both sides) and trim the excess away afterwards. I find this way to be easiest, because the notebook works as a guide and there’s no risk of wonky edges. 

4) Press for 10-15 seconds with your iron on medium heat (be sure not use steam so that the paper doesn’t curl).

*Every fusible is different, so if you use a different brand make sure to follow the package directions.

Making a set of coordinating notebooks makes a great gift set for friends. I still have a set that I covered with fabric from about 7 years ago, and though they fray slightly with time, I love them even as they age. 

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