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Ever since we got married, David and I have dreamed of owning an Airstream. For 10 years, we casually looked at them, sometimes more serious than others. This spring we decided it was the right time for our family to do some traveling, so we went on a mission: to find an older Airstream that had already been updated (we weren't quite up for a full renovation), but something that I could make our own. 

On Easter weekend, we found the perfect match. A 1962 26' Airstream Overlander. The previous owner had done a complete shell-off restoration, so it already had new axles, updated plumbing and electrical, new cabinetry and several improvements. She was the perfect blank slate! We scooped her up, and while looking through the original paperwork, found that a Miss Marjorie was the original owner and had bought her in 1962. So in honor of her beginnings, we decided to name her Marjorie.

My family and I are currently traveling in her on a month long road trip. Bear and Ollie are on the adventure of a lifetime and loving every minute of it! These photos were taken at our first stop in Colorado. We're currently in Wyoming and next we'll be visiting Yellowstone, Oregon, California and Arizona before returning home to North Carolina. Follow our travels on Instagram (#MarjorieTheAirstream) and be sure to honk if you see us on the road! ;)

The Kitchen

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The kitchen is delightfully functional and as long as we have water hook-ups, I've been able to cook regular meals in it every night. We were hoping to use the original stove, but after finding a small gas leak decided to replace it. Though I loved the original, I'm so thrilled with the new oven - it's a dream to cook on! 

The tiny backsplash is perhaps my favorite addition. I think I did more research on flexible grout than I have on anything before. We ended up using Tec AccuColor Unsanded Grout mixed with Tec Acrylic Grout Additive for increase flexibility, and so far so great. 

Kitchen Resources:

The Sleeping Space

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There are two potential places to sleep in Miss Marjorie, one is where the table is, but our favorite is where the two sofas are. I installed a small ledge right beneath the cushion and had a piece of wood cut to match it's size. It lives underneath one of the cushions and at night, we slide it out to make a bed. The back cushions fit side by side on top of the wood to make it a complete king size bed! 

I had the cushions recovered in a rich green velvet-like fabric that makes the space feel so luxurious. As a surface pattern designer, I also wanted to give a nod to the father of surface design himself by using a William Morris wallpaper. I find it so inspiring!

I also worked one-on-one with Worley's Lighting for all of the lights in the Airstream. After working with Shelli on some of the lights for our home, I knew she was my 'go-to gal' for the Airstream. She made a few of the backplates and light lengths custom to fit the space just right.

Bedroom Resources

The Bathroom

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I believe that 26' Airstream is the shortest camper that comes with a full bathroom, and it's possibly my favorite part! Aside from being incredibly functional and helpful, I love that it's in the back of the camper (many are in the middle, now). The curved roof makes for some interesting decorating and cabinetry, but with two small closets it has ample room for storage and clothes. 

After falling in love with the tile in this bathroom, I wanted to use a variated pennytile with dark grout for a similar look (on a miniature scale!). I ordered no less than 12 samples of variated penny tile before I found the perfect one, and I love how it makes it almost look like the inside of a jewel box!

Bathroom Resources:

The Dining Space

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The little dining space is where we spend most of our time, and it's both functional and comfortable. Though the table does fold down to make a bed, we have found that we prefer to sleep in the sofa area and leave the table in tact. It's where we eat and work, and the kids play and draw!

Dining Space Resources:

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Overall, I couldn't be happier with the end result and how it flows with our family needs. I loved designing such a tiny space, the littlest things can make the biggest impact!

I know I had a TON of questions as I was going through this process - so let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! I'll do my best to answer them. :)

Marjorie the Airstream (1)

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  • Wow what a beautiful job! I to love airstreams and have looked at some that unfortunately are to far gone for me. So much inspiration here. Your taste is fabulous, love your interior finishes! I am from NC but live near Dollywood. Where are you? I’d so love to see it in person.

  • Hi Miss Marjorie looks stunning, love the vintage style.

    We’re currently renovating an English single decker into an eco friendly Cottage, can’t wait until it’s finished and we’re living in it, your airstream has given me further inspiration. Hope you continue to love your beautiful little home on wheels


  • Your airstream is the most beautiful I’ve seen! The cabinets in your kitchen look green to me! Are they the blue color in the link? Or another color?

  • Hey there! I was wondering what fridge you installed in your airstream! I’m looking a sleek and modern looking one for ours and would love you input! Thank you!

  • Absolutely beautiful! Nice and bright and very cleverly appointed. There is a huge Airstream convention every year in Sarasota, FL, (where I am from) that has convened for as long as I can remember. It was always fun to see the sliver domes travel to the fair grounds along with seeing the license plates from the different states. Safe travel.

  • absolutely love it! So fresh and elegant-full of beautifully crafted items.The colors are refreshing but cozy-you did a marvelous job!

    so fresh

  • It’s a beautiful to spend time in. Wish I were younger I would most certainly try for a new adventure such as this.
    Thanks for the tour

  • This is simply stunning. By far – my favorite trailer renovation/update seen. Gah! Green with envy (pun intended) and could totally curl up in this space and never leave. Brava! <3

  • wow! i am in love, so super cute. this is the first airstream i’ve seen with a bathroom in the back and i think i like it, it looks like it has a bit more space than the middle ones. your style is definitely glam and a change from some of the others i’ve seen.

    gosh, would you reno one for me? major things, i’d love to do the details myself!

    thanks so much! happy travels. :)

  • Good morning i have been looking at pics of your trailer and its beautiful. We are just finishing up a 1961 Overlander gut job and are just putting on the finishing touches. I was wondering what you did for your shower curtain in the bathroom. Any tips you can give would be great.