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Ever since we got married, David and I have dreamed of owning an Airstream. For 10 years, we casually looked at them, sometimes more serious than others. This spring we decided it was the right time for our family to do some traveling, so we went on a mission: to find an older Airstream that had already been updated (we weren't quite up for a full renovation), but something that I could make our own. 

On Easter weekend, we found the perfect match. A 1962 26' Airstream Overlander. The previous owner had done a complete shell-off restoration, so it already had new axles, updated plumbing and electrical, new cabinetry and several improvements. She was the perfect blank slate! We scooped her up, and while looking through the original paperwork, found that a Miss Marjorie was the original owner and had bought her in 1962. So in honor of her beginnings, we decided to name her Marjorie.

My family and I are currently traveling in her on a month long road trip. Bear and Ollie are on the adventure of a lifetime and loving every minute of it! These photos were taken at our first stop in Colorado. We're currently in Wyoming and next we'll be visiting Yellowstone, Oregon, California and Arizona before returning home to North Carolina. Follow our travels on Instagram (#MarjorieTheAirstream) and be sure to honk if you see us on the road! ;)

The Kitchen

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The kitchen is delightfully functional and as long as we have water hook-ups, I've been able to cook regular meals in it every night. We were hoping to use the original stove, but after finding a small gas leak decided to replace it. Though I loved the original, I'm so thrilled with the new oven - it's a dream to cook on! 

The tiny backsplash is perhaps my favorite addition. I think I did more research on flexible grout than I have on anything before. We ended up using Tec AccuColor Unsanded Grout mixed with Tec Acrylic Grout Additive for increase flexibility, and so far so great. 

Kitchen Resources:

The Sleeping Space

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There are two potential places to sleep in Miss Marjorie, one is where the table is, but our favorite is where the two sofas are. I installed a small ledge right beneath the cushion and had a piece of wood cut to match it's size. It lives underneath one of the cushions and at night, we slide it out to make a bed. The back cushions fit side by side on top of the wood to make it a complete king size bed! 

I had the cushions recovered in a rich green velvet-like fabric that makes the space feel so luxurious. As a surface pattern designer, I also wanted to give a nod to the father of surface design himself by using a William Morris wallpaper. I find it so inspiring!

I also worked one-on-one with Worley's Lighting for all of the lights in the Airstream. After working with Shelli on some of the lights for our home, I knew she was my 'go-to gal' for the Airstream. She made a few of the backplates and light lengths custom to fit the space just right.

Bedroom Resources

The Bathroom

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I believe that 26' Airstream is the shortest camper that comes with a full bathroom, and it's possibly my favorite part! Aside from being incredibly functional and helpful, I love that it's in the back of the camper (many are in the middle, now). The curved roof makes for some interesting decorating and cabinetry, but with two small closets it has ample room for storage and clothes. 

After falling in love with the tile in this bathroom, I wanted to use a variated pennytile with dark grout for a similar look (on a miniature scale!). I ordered no less than 12 samples of variated penny tile before I found the perfect one, and I love how it makes it almost look like the inside of a jewel box!

Bathroom Resources:

The Dining Space

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The little dining space is where we spend most of our time, and it's both functional and comfortable. Though the table does fold down to make a bed, we have found that we prefer to sleep in the sofa area and leave the table in tact. It's where we eat and work, and the kids play and draw!

Dining Space Resources:

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Overall, I couldn't be happier with the end result and how it flows with our family needs. I loved designing such a tiny space, the littlest things can make the biggest impact!

I know I had a TON of questions as I was going through this process - so let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! I'll do my best to answer them. :)

Marjorie the Airstream (1)

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      • Thank you!! One more question.. with the bathroom being in the back, do you feel like it is an issue to get to it when the center bed is made into a king. We are trying so darn hard to decide on a layout and I thought I was going to go with the center bathroom for this reason but I LOVE your set up with the two couches facing each other in front of the bathroom instead of behind.

        • Hey Alli! Definitely something we had to think about as well. Since the doors slide, it really hasn’t been an issue at all. My husband probably has the hardest time, but it’s still not bad at all. We have slept with our heads towards the bathroom (if that makes sense) and also the other direction, which makes bathroom access super easy for the person closest. :)

  • Wow just wow!!!!
    Love everything about Miss Marjorie
    Bonnie you & your family are precious
    Enjoy y’alls lovely home away from home
    Such a fun way to travel

  • How much weight was added with your renovations? Did you need to change ant original decisions to keep the weight down?
    I love your tiny space. It’s perfection!!

    • Hey Tracy! We honestly haven’t weighed it again since finishing all the renovations, but beforehand it was around 4000 pounds. Most of the renovations involved replacing things (not just adding), so I believe we only added the weight of the tile.

  • My love, I *LOVED* sharing this with everyone I know. And of course, I bought things from your linked lists because you are an inspiration to the tenth degree. Such a wonder! Enjoy the rest of your travels, my friends.

  • Such a beautiful design, great work! You are amazing!❤️ Ps what is the paint color of the bathroom cabinets? So pretty!

  • This makes my heart smile, Bonnie. As a child, I travelled every year with my family up and down the east coast of Australia in a huge caravan and seeing your home on wheels brings back so many vivid and wonderful memories. These wonder filled memories you are making will last a life time for you all. There’s something incredibly special about an adventure on wheels shared with the ones you love. Happy travels xo

  • Bonnie,
    The crew at Mosaic Tile Supplies loves what you’ve done with the place! Thanks for using our Lyric Lounge Penny Tiles in your bath – the dark grout looks great – as does the rest of Marjorie! You did an amazing job with the finishes and textures and the wallpaper is gorgeous.

    Enjoy your new space, and keep coloring on the walls!

  • Oh wow, Bonnie. This is seriously the most beautiful and welcoming interior I have seen in an airstream, and there are some really beautiful ones out there. You just made this so…you, I think. Gosh, it’s gorgeous and I’m really inspired. I’m knee deep in our own renovation plans for our new home, so this really gave me some ideas. Thank you.
    Btw I know you have a love for William Morris, I do too and I have been scouting for some books that really illustrate his works. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Hi! Love what you have done! We are renovating our 1970 27ft Overlander. May I ask more about your shower area? Did you use the original tub? Also, how is the shower curtain fixed to the ceiling? Thank you so much! Such an inspiration!

    • Hi Dawn! We are using the original tub, and the original shower tracking as well. The track curves alongside the roof and came with sliding hooks. :)

  • Thank you for sharing your delightful Margie with us, you have done a phenomenal job of decorating. Here’s to many happy years of travel for you and your family.

  • I am a huge fan of all of the stark white designs in campers lately, but this soft blush scheme that you have is so above and beyond perfect!!! It’s just beautiful!!!!

  • Marjorie is a beauty, very lovingly done. Would you mind sharing where you got the cream floral mug? It even goes with Morris wallpaper!

  • I love this Airstream. All the design chooses Are perfect, very tasteful. I woukd be very interested in the original cost and the final tally.It is not run of the mill, simply beautiful! I look forward to more posts. Thanks for the share!

  • Very nicely done! How long does it take you to put things down before you can get on the road? I have a 19′ and I try to make sure every thing is down or secured or i can glue it or replace it!

  • Really like this. We have a 24 foot 1976 Argosy (Airsteam’s little brother). The plastic is breaking out in some places and the louvered kitchen doors and and cabinets need some help. Just last night we discussing how we will change them. I definitely wouldn’t hinge the doors that are down low at the top. I’m not into laying on the floor to see what is in them. Other wise we see some goo ideas. Thank you for posting.

  • Hi, your airstream looks fantastic! We are starting to put ideas together for our renovation of our 25 foot Overlander Tradewind Airstream and you’ve given us so many ideas.

    We have a few questions, but most probably involve the renovation done before you purchased it.

    1. What are the walls/ceiling materials and finishes? Vinyl covered aluminum?

    2. Do you know what the kitchen counter is finished with?

    3. We are really interested in seeing a more open view of the bathroom, including the toilet. If we see it correctly from the photos, the shower is on the left and the toilet is on the right outside wall. No closet.

    We hope you don’t mind the questions. Planning can be so overwhelming. I really like the shelf over the backsplash. I would like to put some sort of tile there as well, however we are not sure if it will be too heavy Was the tile you used a lighter weight?

  • Excellent Job! Everything is beautiful, love that stove!
    My husband and I own a 1975 airstream-overlander. We have done a lot work to it and are pretty happy with the results. I would like to paint the inside (wish I thought of this when it was gutted) what is the paint color you used and type?
    Thank you.

  • You couldn’t have a picked a more fitting wallpaper. Beautiful space, and I love the leather envelope pocket, you have a beautiful eye! Enjoy to the fullest.

  • Did your Marjorie already have the sliding doors or did you engineer those – and if so, any tips/suggestions you can share? Thanks – working on my 61 TW!

  • Lovely to say the least! My husband and I bought a 1969 last October (2017) and had her remodeled and have just got her back. I can’t wait to take her on a trip. I wish you and yours many wonderful journeys in Miss Marjorie.

  • I adore everything you’ve done here. I’m trying to decide what size trailer I should buy…please can you explain the closets? Wardrobe storage is my concern ‍♀️

  • How beautiful so warm and inviting but still light and airy. I would love to do up a caravan or combi when I retire in three years if I can talk my husband into it congratulations on what you have done enjoy your travels Debbie from Australia

  • Hi! I love this remodel! My husband and I just bough an Avion RV we want to remodel and we are trying to figure out what to do about the windows. Did you keep the original windows when you remodeled the trailer or did you get new ones? If you did get new ones, where did you order them from?

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  • Hello, love what you’ve created here! My husband and I are renovating an Argosy Airstream. I was curious about your cushions in the front dining area. You said they were from Joybird? Could you tell me what kind they are. I am struggling so hard with cushions because I don’t trust my sewing skills enough but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them! I love the look of these ones. Thank you!

  • I absolutely love everything about this airstream update. I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s a dream of mine to own an airstream one day as well. Thank you for creating this beautiful space.

  • I saw your remodel in a magazine and tell in love! Was so happy to find it on Pinterest tonight! My husband and I live with our son Nd his wife and children. He offered us his airstream to remodel to get our own space and more room for the family as we’d vacate a room. Though we had lived in a motorhome the same size when he and his brother were teens, we weren’t real sure about moving into the big metal box at 60. I could never find a decor I fell in love with…until I saw yours! I’m going out to look at it tomorrow with different eyes! Thanks so much for sharing! God bless Nana Verlee

  • Wow what a beautiful job! I to love airstreams and have looked at some that unfortunately are to far gone for me. So much inspiration here. Your taste is fabulous, love your interior finishes! I am from NC but live near Dollywood. Where are you? I’d so love to see it in person.