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It’s with much anticipation that I announce the release of my newest fabric collection, The Open Road for Art Gallery Fabrics! The best way to jump right into this collection is to view the Lookbook. It’s hot off the press and filled with 76 pages of projects, tutorials and inspiration!

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To celebrate the launch I thought it would be fun to share a few of the questions and answers from a recent interview with Art Gallery Fabrics over the collection. Read the full interview inside the Lookbook!

Q: Hi Bonnie! Congratulations on releasing “The Open Road”! We love the inspiration behind this collection that came about while traveling the country in “Miss Marjorie,” your vintage camper. What made you decide to turn these travels into a  fabric line? 

A: Thank you! I suppose I learned a long time ago to look at the world through a lens of possibilities and inspiration. Everywhere I go, I take my sketchbook and camera so that I’m ready to translate my experiences into artwork. For this trip especially, it was impossible not to be inspired the entire time!

Q: What was your absolute favorite place you visited on your trip? Why?

A: My absolute favorite place during our trip was Wyoming. The landscape, wide open spaces wildflowers all stole my heart.

Q: Did you really collect a wildflower from each state that you visited? Did you keep all of them? 

A: Yes, I really did! My husband definitely got used to hearing me exclaim, ‘PULL OVER!’ so that I could collect wildflowers from the roadside. They were abundant and they were beautiful. 

Q: How did you go about selecting the color palette for the collection?

A: My favorite way to create color palettes is to pull colors from photographs I’ve taken while gathering inspiration. All the colors in this collection came from photos that I had taken during our trip! 

Q: Name 5 essentials you MUST bring when traveling on the road. 

A: 1) My camera 2) A sketchbook 3) A vase for flowers 4) An inspiring book 5) My family :)

More details:

Looking to purchase? The Open Road started shipping to stores all over the world this month.  Shop one of the Online Retailers or see if your nearest independent quilt or fabric shop is currently stocked with it.

Shop the full collection online now at Cottoneer, the Fat Quarter Shop and Hawthorne Threads.

Using The Open Road in a project? Share your work by using the hashtag #AGFTheOpenRoad on Instagram! 

Download Art Gallery Fabrics app to view all the collections, shop online and find a store near you. Download here: Apple or Android

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