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bonnie christine

hello lovelies! it's so nice to meet you! i'm bonnie and going home to roost is the blog dedicated to everything handmade and anything homegrown. i love to roost, and to me that means nesting in my home and doing the things that i love. i'm always seeking the next creative endeavor, inspiring artists and beautiful material- and my purpose here is to share those with you!

bonnie christine

originally, i lived snuggled back in the beautiful mountains of north carolina, but over the last year we have embarked on quite the adventure! my mister's job as a professional cycling coach has moved us from the beautiful city of colorado springs, colorado to california. yes, california! to a quaint little town called santa ynez. even though i miss our families and the beauty of the east coast, i am so very excited to be able to take this journey with the love of my life. no matter where we're roosting, i gather endless inspiration from living a simpler way of life.

bonnie christine

you can read about why we moved to colorado, see what home means to me, view our last home's big makeover and find out more about how going home to roost began. learn about my very first garden, my attempts at eating local foods and the loves of my life: my husband and our pup, toaster. you can see glimpses of our new home and follow weekly pictures of my day to day life.

you can find us here every weekday discussing the handmade life, diy projects, seasonal recipes, organic gardening, healthy dinner ideas and ways to live a simpler life. see you soon!

how sweet your words taste to me; they are sweeter than honey! psalm 119:103

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