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my grandmomma, past & present
live creatively by lindsday letters
thoughts on the upcoming year
a feast in the forest! by going home to roost (22)
a feast in the forest
birthday flower
28 things i love
my mom (3)
my mom
a day in the life
a day in the life
14 goals for 2014
14 goals for 2014
our micro climate rain forest (9)
we live in a rain forest
27 things
Aug 19th // my birthday
the august break (6)
Aug 1 // 34 weeks
happy birthday, going home to roost!
happy birthday, going home to roost!
i'm pregnant! coffee mug reveal (4)
i’m pregnant!
hello, hawaii!
and we’re off again!
interviewed by jessica swift
a fun interview by jessica swift
off to kailua-kona hawaii
welcome 2013
12 memories and 13 goals
we're moving!
going home to roost
thoughts through letters
mountains are calling by bonnie christine
we’re moving to north carolina!
my day to day routine
my day to day routine
i love california
i love you california
my birthday + 26 things
my homeland: the great smoky mountains
sunny day
playing nurse
happy birthday
happy birthday, going home to roost!
advertising special
advertising special
weekend getaway
my weekend getaway
glimpses of our new home
glimpses of our new home
online garage sale!
road trip part 3
meet my mom
road trip part 2: arizona wrap up
road trip
road trip part 1: new mexico and arizona
my goofy valentine
my goofy valentine
Bella Roubaix
our big surprise
dad update
our new saeco espresso machine
a whole latte love
pike's peak colorado springs
our pike’s peak adventure
some squeal moments
bonnie forkner fall series
the last of the fall series
toaster’s dog blog!
maxine ramey in quilt sampler
my mom is awesome
going home to roost is back in business!
fall series trail race
weekend recap- fall series trail race
nature finds
nature walk
nature walk
colorado springs
welcome to colorado!
filtered by rachel follette
is it really thursday already?
wednesday goals
wednesday goals
tuesday goals
how was your weekend?
flying the coop
my big exciting news: we’re flying the coop!
going home to roost craft booth
going home to roost’s booth!
right this minute…
indie craft parade
are you coming to the indie craft parade?
colorado springs, co
dear colorado springs
advertising special
advertising special
my birthday
new sulky book
my first book signing!
make a wish
ghtr has a newlsetter!
a rainbow reminder
chickens eating watermelon
happy 4th of july!
10 things about me
10 things about me
home to roost etsy shop
going home to roost’s etsy shops
10 things i’ll spend money on