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This course is a follow up to Intro to Surface Pattern Design & Surface Pattern Design 2.0. Please begin with these courses for detailed training on Adobe Illustrator, color palettes, sketching, motif design and repeat pattern design!

please note:

I’m really excited to share this course with you, because it has a little something for everyone in it. It’s also NOT just for surface pattern designers! Photographers, illustrators, painters, artists, writers and creatives of all kinds will learn how to present their work.

Be sure to check out the class project page for more info and several downloads. I am so excited to begin this adventure with you. Let's get started!


Design & Bind Your Own Creative Portfolio


I always feel I can achieve what is taught in small, actionable steps without feeling overwhelmed ( and I usually spend most of my waking day feeling overwhelmed :) )

Bonnie Christine's tutorials are always helpful and easy to follow.


Hi Bonnie, thank you for this class. I want you to know that you truly inspire me to start working on my dream again.


I’ll also be sharing with you several examples of portfolios from creatives of all kinds! You’ll leave the course feeling inspired, motivated and prepared to hit the ground running with your beautiful portfolio.

advice on shipping your book

Tips on getting in touch with your target people

your very own handmade portfolio

How to actually build and bind

the pages of your portfolio in Adobe Illustrator

How to design (and print)

and how to make it a reflection of your brand and work

What to include in your book

for your creative career

Why having a portfolio is essential

What You'll Learn

Not mandatory, but useful
• Scanner
• Lightbox
• Wacom Tablet

• Adobe Illustrator (begin a free trial here)
• Sketchbook
• Pencil and dark black pen
• Camera or Smartphone

What you'll need

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I am so excited to begin this adventure with you. Let’s get started!

Let's get started!


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