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hello! i'm bonnie and i'm so excited to meet you!  i'm a writer, creator and most importantly- a small business owner.  i am the founder and editor of going home to roost, where i share diy projects, recipes, gardening ideas, handmade finds and of course- indie biz advice!  over the last year i've opened 3 etsy shops, quit my day job and have become a full time blogger and etsy shop owner (woo hoo!).  i graduated in 2008 with a b.s. in business management and knew from the beginning that instead of using it to climb the corporate ladder, i wanted to use it pursue my creative dreams and help other's start their handmade businesses.  after sharing small business tips on going home to roost for over a year, i am thrilled to be able to offer my experience, knowledge and passion in selling the handmade way!

more about bonnie forkner: bonnie has always had a passion for creating things, meeting others and sharing inspiration. shortly after graduating college and marrying her high school sweetheart, she moved back home to begin settling down- hence the name of her blog: going home to roost. whether it’s decorating, gardening, cooking or sewing you can bet to always find her roosting one way or another.  when she's not consumed with growing food or gathering eggs from the hen house, she pours her very being into creativity and the business before her.  she hopes that through this e-course, you will share even a glimpse of your own creativity and passion as we all delve into learning about being small business owners together.

bonnie forkner

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