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• You've ever felt overwhelmed.

• You’ve ever wasted time aimlessly clicking around the internet.

• You’re ready to say hello to day #1 of your most productive 12 months YET!

• You've ever felt like you were scrambling for what to do next.

• You’re not sure where to start.. or how to start.

• You’ve ever procrastinated on starting a big project.

• You're juggling more than one job, or have something pulling at your time.

This Course is for You if...

Not having enough time or not being able to focus is the #1 struggle I hear from my students, members and peers. And because I KNOW I can help creatives make their biggest goals come true, I created this course to help you focus, set goals and most importantly achieve them. 

Productivity Skills for the Creative

Focus to Flourish

This class takes a step away from the technical side of learning and focuses more on the big ideas and overarching sequence you’ll need to take in order to get there. If you’d like to learn Adobe Illustrator and the art of designing repeating patterns, check out my other Skillshare Classes.

Wait, I thought you were a Surface Pattern Designer? You're right!


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Focus to Flourish Series

 The course content is to the point—It gives you a guideline to envision and identify your dream goals as well as how improve productivity to achieve them. 

I loved Bonnie's simple and clear instruction, feeling highly motivated.


She creates a warm and inviting space and shares great life lessons along with her strategies for showing up and doing the work. Thank you for putting this class together.

Bonnie Christine is an excellent teacher!


This course is designed to give you all the skills and resources you need to start reaching your goals and making the most of your time TODAY! My hope is that it will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to follow your own creative dreams!

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

My Favorites Ways to Stay Laser Focused

Time Management Practices

Habit Tracking

Outsourcing + Automation

Batch Working

Power Blocks

Annual Planning

Goal Setting + Achieving

What You'll Learn

In this course we’ll be covering the workflow strategies that will help you hone your time management skills, accomplish your biggest goals and create a flow to your year that feels approachable and productive.


All you’ll need for this class is 45 minutes and an open mind to all the possibilities of your future. Grab a piece of paper (or your Flourish Planner!) and your favorite pen or pencil and let’s start heart-storming your future!

What you'll need

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I am so excited to begin this adventure with you. Let’s get started!

Let's get started!

The Flourish Planner

Crafted with creative entrepreneurs in mind, the Flourish Planner will help you focus, set goals and most importantly - ACHIEVE THEM. 

It’s not necessary to have the planner to work through this course, but if you do have it I’ll show you how to implement these strategies inside at the end of every module.

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