Why Eat Local?

today the average food item travels more than 1500 miles to our plate.  we have become distant from our food, in more ways than one.  who grows our food? what are their lives like? how is the soil cultivated and prepared? how are the animals treated in life and in death? how does the production of the foods we eat affect the land and the people who raise them? does any of this really matter if we have plenty of food on our tables? (simply in season by lind and hockman-worth).

the simple answer is yes, it does matter.  in our modern day of food preservatives and additives, genetically altered crops and outbreaks of e. coli, we should all be increasingly aware and concerned about the quality and cleanliness of our food.  since it's near impossible to identify the chemicals used and route taken to deliver our food, eating and buying locally grown foods makes a lot of sense for those who want to know more about what they are putting in their bodies.

even if it's not organic, buying from local farms is still usually much safer than buying from big factory farms who often don't hesitate when showering their produce with chemicals.  small farms usually grow a more diverse set of produce and must take the utmost care of their land, careful to be able to use and harvest from it the next year.

by eating local, you'll help fight global warming by reducing the use of fossil fuels and you'll help support and boost your local economy.  by buying from local farmers you can be certain of where your dollar is going and invest in good food for the future. your family will be able to enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables and have fun experimenting with new varieties!


what can you do?

- eat at restaurants that support local foods- find them at the eat well guide.

- shop at your local farmers market- find one at local harvest.

- join a community supported agriculture share (CSA) and enjoy local food delivered right to your door step.

- watch a food movie like food inc., fresh, what's on your plate or the meatrix.

seasonal recipe books:

- simply in season

- earth to table: seasonal recipes from an organic farm

- local bounty: seasonal vegan recipes

- in season: cooking with vegetables and fruits

- the harvest eating cookbook

recommended reads:

- animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life

- anything from michael pollan