2017 Year at a Glance

MARCH - all about COLOR!

March 3: Monthly Challenge: Color an illustration or pattern 3 ways
March 10: Video Tutorial: Learn 3 different ways to color an illustration
March 17: Article: How to pick a color palette that WOWS
March 24: Going Live: 1st Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
March 31: 5th Friday Focus with Surface Pattern Designer Jessica Swift on all things COLOR

APRIL: Making a plan and staying motivated

April 7: Monthly Challenge: Mark your mission
April 14: Video Tutorial: How to make an inspirational quote art print or desktop wallpaper
April 21: Article: How to get started and stay motivated
April 28: To do: You checklist for entering the 'real world' as a designer

MAY: Getting started with industry

May 5: Monthly Challenge: Choose an industry
May 12: Where to start - fabric? Wallpaper? Stationery?
May 19: Video Tutorial: All about mock-ups - applying your patterns to products
May 26: Article: Stop feeling stuck, nourish your creativity, see your work flourish

JUNE: Marketing 101

June 2: Monthly Challenge: Make a Marketing Plan
June 9: Article: Marketing 101
June 16: Creative Business: How to make connections, collaborate and organize projects.
June 23: Going Live: 2nd Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
June 30 - 5th Friday Focus with Creative Lawyer Christina Scalera

JULY: Leverage your own handwriting

July 7: Monthly Challenge: Share your handwriting
July 14: Video Tutorial: Vectorize your lettering for use online (optional iPad Pro tutorial)
July 21: Article: Staying focused +  Time Management Skills
July 28: Creative Business: 5 Books you can't afford not to read

AUGUST: Getting noticed and charging for your work

August 4: Monthly Challenge: Design an invitation (birthday, wedding, shower, etc)
August 11: Video Tutorial: Invitation layouts + choosing complimentary fonts
August 18: Article: How to get your work noticed in the industry.
August 25: Creative Business: Pricing your work - what to charge?

SEPTEMBER: Copyrights, Taxes, Invoices, Business, LLC/S-Corp

September 1: Monthly Challenge: Going pro: Copyrights, Taxes, Invoices, Business, LLC/S-Corp
September 8: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to make a professional invoice
September 15: Article: The business side of Surface Pattern Design
September 22: Going Live: 3rd Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
September 29 - 5th Friday Focus with accountant Amy Northard

OCTOBER: learn how to make videos

October 6: Monthly Challenge: Make your own video tutorial
October 13: Article: Camera and Audio setup for videos
October 20: Video Tutorial: How to edit with iMovie
October 27: Creative Business: Providing value through videos

NOVEMBER: building a portfolio that WOWS

November 3: Monthly Challenge: Show your work, contact a company!
November 10: Video Tutorial: How to build a portfolio that WOWS
November 17: Article: A behind the scenes look at working with companies.
November 24: holiday

DECEMBER: calendars and product photography

December 1: Monthly Challenge: Design a 2018 Calendar
December 8: Video Tutorial: Tips on working with calendars for print & web
December 15: Going live: 4th Quarter Q&A Session at 4:00pm EST
December 22: Article: Product photography + editing
December 29 - holiday