Surface Pattern Design Immersion 2021

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Meet: Keera Job

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My journey as a surface pattern designer began with a blog and a dream that, in all honesty, felt so far out of reach. I was working as a teacher part-time, raising our two little girls and designing quilts for my pattern business Live.Love.Sew Pattern Co. I have always had this thing for colour and fabric – growing up I would spend hours searching through my Grandma’s scrap baskets pulling swatches of fabrics together and dreaming up the things I could sew.

I grew up watching the women around me create. With each of them sharing their craft and teaching me along the way I’ve learned to really live and embrace a creative lifestyle. As a child I drew and painted and crafted anything out of everything. What I didn’t know I’d learn or ask for help and it ignited this love of both learning, but also the accomplishment of making something with my own hands.

 It was really only three short years ago I woke up one day, and announced to my husband that I wanted my own fabric – fabric that had my name on the selvage, and fabric that people could make gorgeous things with. To turn this dream into a reality has taken a whole lot of perseverance, a lot of tears and uncertainty but, two years later I was able to do just that. I read books, and researched far and wide to start the process of learning the programs and the process in order to get my artwork into repeat and into the world.

 I found and fell in love with Bonnie through her own fabric collections, and soon became a member of the Roost Tribe. I was inspired by Bonnie’s story, and the likeliness to my own. Bonnie’s classes became my late night luxury after putting our girls to bed, a little bit of time where I could work on my dream. Bonnie’s guidance and honesty is so refreshing. It was a boost of confidence for me in a world where I can be both my biggest critic and my biggest fan! These classes have increased my skills and confidence creatively, as well as given me the courage to submit my designs for licensing. My collection now consists of two fabric ranges with Riley Blake Designs, threads with Aurifil, and a small selection of gallery art prints in the works.

Bonnie has structured the learning environment where it almost feels as though she is sitting alongside you! Each lesson steps you through creative and technical processes and techniques and caters for a wide of students and skill levels. I love that I can pick up an iPad and connect with people from all over the world – the interaction and support of Bonnie and my peer students is what really sets these courses apart from others.

I am so excited about where this little dream, and Bonnie’s classes have taken me, and can’t wait to venture into licensing, commission art-making, and freelance design work across a range of industries. Under Bonnie’s guidance I’ve been able to take my creative dreams, turn them into reality and begin to build an amazing career as a surface pattern designer.



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