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Annina Sommer

On joining Immersion: Suddenly all the drawings I was making had a purpose, and I saw inspiration for patterns everywhere. I was obsessed with pattern-making from the very beginning – it is so addictive! I have to admit, that I still don’t use all the Illustrator-Shortcuts. Illustrator and I weren’t close friends before Immersion but […]

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Jennie Enström

What did you love about the Immersion Course? I love how humble and kind everyone is, how the videos and tutorials gently guides you through every step and how MUCH I LEARNED even though I have been working with design and illustrator for 20+ years! What made you decide to enroll? I have been working […]

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Colleen Rothbauer

Immersion was the missing piece in my puzzle and gave me what I was lacking: knowledge about the creative design process and how to build a portfolio, industry insights, success stories to keep me going, feedback on my designs, and an encouraging community that spoke my language. Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for […]

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Robin Childers

What made you decide to enroll in the Immersion Course? I started as a textile designer years ago after college. When the industry left the South East and I was laid off I change direction of my career. When I moved back to my home town I found a job in textile manufacturing as a […]

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Gennifer March Schimenti

When I think of the Immersion Course, I think of the word transformation. After taking the course, I went from dreaming to doing! With Bonnie’s help, my business G. March Design has become a reality. Finding Bonnie’s class was truly the catalyst that moved me from dreamer to designer. My proficiency increased at an amazing […]

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Melissa Colson

After working as a professional artist for 13 years, I decided to branch out from illustration into surface pattern design. I came across Bonnie’s classes and was captivated! She’s an inspiration and I connected instantly with her teaching style and have learned more from her than anyone else. When I was getting started, my biggest […]

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Colleen Underwood

If someone was on the fence about Immersion, I would say, “You are worth the investment.” It is an investment in yourself and even in your family. You will be able to step more fully into the person you were designed to be and create much goodness and beauty in a world the desperately needs […]

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Lori Jordan

What did you love most about Immersion? So many best parts! Learning, amazing community, ability to share and get feedback, and get better at the craft. I also started to really lean into my personal look and feel. I’ve learned my way around illustrator, feel confident in my ability to take a creative idea from […]

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Jackie MacDonald

Today, I’m proudly working on collection number 6 with Moda Fabrics, and I could not be happier with my creative life. It’s such a delight working with color, pattern, and creating stories to connect with my audience through my fabric lines. And it’s been pure bliss to see folks creating beautiful keepsakes such as quilts, […]

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Sarah Maxwell

After being a quilt pattern designer for nearly 20 years, Sarah decided to explore fabric design and quickly realized she needed to learn Adobe Illustrator to progress. She tired of sorting through mountains of information online. Frustrated with all the trial and error, she stumbled across Bonnie’s course. “Bonnie’s clear, logical approach to using all […]

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Dee Ann Pickering

At 62 I am focused on generating residual income through licensing and POD sites! I am retiring from the fashion world but NEVER see myself as retiring from design. It is and always has been my passion for sure. Just sorry I have held back as long as I have! I have been a business […]

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Clémence Prosen

Now I am proficient in IIllustrator: I create patterns, but I also created cards, illustrations, and prints from my painting and watercolours, with Illustrator. I am happy I discovered another way to create. I had never done anything digital before. Before I started my journey with Surface Pattern Design, I was a full-time technical sales […]

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Chris Vabre

Immersion was inspiring, transformative, and brought me so much clarity! Flourish keeps me steady and in touch with surface pattern design on a continual basis. Immersion not only gave me the skills I’d been looking for, but it also gave me the confidence I needed to start doing. I quit my day job in mid-2020 […]

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Lizzie Clark

I love how Bonnie makes something large and daunting into small, easily digestible pieces—whether it’s Illustrator, building a collection, or planning your year. She’s a born teacher and considers every type of learner. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey (or on the Stages of a Flourishing Designer)—there’s a place for you here. […]

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"It is refreshing to find Bonnie who is genuinely excited to share her knowledge with others. She feels that our success is a wonderful thing and it doesn't threaten her. I want to be a Bonnie in this world. I want to feel abundance, not scarcity. There is enough for everyone to succeed, and I want to help others find success.  Being in a community with that kind of thinking is priceless."

I feel encouraged to set bigger goals for myself, dream bigger, and truly believe that I can achieve them.”

Elizabeth Chappell

"The Immersion Course is incredibly comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools necessary to have a successful career in Surface Pattern Design. I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t sure if there was that much more she could teach me. Boy, was I wrong."

I learned more skills, techniques and workflows. I also learned that there was a community of folks out there that we could all learn from, support and encourage each other."

Heather Schwarm

...and I'm still coming back for more of Bonnie's content because it is so life giving and encouraging. I've been licensed in many industries including fabric, children's clothing, home decor and the outdoor industry."

In two years since taking immersion, I've been able to turn this passion of mine into a full time career.

Ashley Paggi

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