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Mable Tan

Immersion changed my life! I’ve always been creative but the course opened up my eyes and mind to a whole new world. I’m now doing exactly what I feel is my life calling. Surface pattern design is my passion and doing this every day is such a blessing. Bonnie’s course projected my creative career and […]

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Helen Stubbings

Immersion helped me do my ‘one thing a day’ related to what I’d like to be doing in the future instead of what I’m actually doing now. I’ve been working as a creative in the quilt and textiles industry for over 20 years now. I began as a lover of all things with a thread […]

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Tammy de Zilva

Bonnie and the team are so encouraging, supportive, gentle, and kind; Bonnie breaks everything down into small digestible bites which makes it so much easier to learn and absorb. There’s also something special about the amazing community of creatives also on this journey, helping and cheering each other on – some of which I have […]

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Erin Kendal

When I started Immersion in 2020 I was already a top-seller on the Spoonflower marketplace, and I’d been using Adobe Illustrator for 20 years. However, I was mostly self-taught so I really lacked confidence as a designer and I definitely suffered from imposter syndrome! Let me say… I got SO MUCH out of Immersion! The […]

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Leah Mayes

If you’re a seasoned designer on the fence, wondering if you’ll learn anything new, I have no doubt you will, as I did, and you’ll even likely make the money back with your first paying client. What’s changed for you since the Immersion Course? Although I had been working in Illustrator for years, I knew […]

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Lauren Powell

I was worried that I didn’t know enough about licensing before the course to join, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with lessons and that the lessons would be hard to do… but it was really great! After Immersion everything I learnt made things easier to create. What did you love about the […]

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Deborah Payne

My surface design story started with a rekindling of my love for illustration when I began using the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Before long I created a large library of vector illustrations. About the same time I discovered Bonnie and literally could not wait to start designing repeat patterns using my illustrations. Today I’m […]

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Jane Harbison

What did you love about the Immersion Course? The Immersion community is very supportive. It creates a safe space to share your work. I like being challenged to improve and there are tasks given to do that. I loved learning how to design the right way. Good foundations in process make doing more complex design […]

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Nasreen Hassan

What did you love most about the Immersion Course? I loved so much! I loved how easily Bonnie explains how to use Illustrator, the process of pattern creation, the concept of a collection, as well as the way the website is set up—it’s so easy to navigate. You get more than lessons, you get insight, […]

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Holly Clinton

I joined the Immersion course in 2019 with little knowledge of the surface design world but an eagerness to find out. Bonnie made the introduction seamless. I remember being drawn to her confidence and felt reassured by her gentle encouragement that there was a place for us all in the industry. After completing the course […]

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Tracey Collins

Since taking the Immersion Course, I have completed my first pattern collection and used the designs for my 2022 printable calendars, and other downloadable stationery, for my store and website. I’m about to release a range of printed notebooks and journals that will also feature patterns and illustrations from this collection. Before taking the Immersion […]

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Tanya J. de Wet

I loved the ease of the module layouts and how it seamlessly integrated into Flourish to keep me going. Learning a completely new career at age 45 is the high point of my solo entrepreneur’s journey. It opened several doors for additional income & nudged me into discovering what talents I can monetize while loving […]

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Ally Ryde

What does my life look like now? Since Immersion I have taken other online courses to further my business acumen, I get up at 5 am, work out, do deep strategic reflective thinking, and move my business forward. This course has literally revolutionized my life from the direction I’m taking down to the self-care I […]

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Lynn Priestley

WHAT I LOVED MOST: The learning platform was brilliant and the skill set I walked away with. And the community was awesome! MY PATH TO IMMERSION: I was a full time nurse and looking for a career change. I studied graphic design but really wanted to design patterns and so Immersion was the perfect fit. […]

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"It is refreshing to find Bonnie who is genuinely excited to share her knowledge with others. She feels that our success is a wonderful thing and it doesn't threaten her. I want to be a Bonnie in this world. I want to feel abundance, not scarcity. There is enough for everyone to succeed, and I want to help others find success.  Being in a community with that kind of thinking is priceless."

I feel encouraged to set bigger goals for myself, dream bigger, and truly believe that I can achieve them.”

Elizabeth Chappell

"The Immersion Course is incredibly comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools necessary to have a successful career in Surface Pattern Design. I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t sure if there was that much more she could teach me. Boy, was I wrong."

I learned more skills, techniques and workflows. I also learned that there was a community of folks out there that we could all learn from, support and encourage each other."

Heather Schwarm

...and I'm still coming back for more of Bonnie's content because it is so life giving and encouraging. I've been licensed in many industries including fabric, children's clothing, home decor and the outdoor industry."

In two years since taking immersion, I've been able to turn this passion of mine into a full time career.

Ashley Paggi

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