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Kelsey Weigl

I have made an incredible amount of work this year. Making over 5 complete collections. A brand photoshoot. Built an entirely new website. Custom collaborations with 3 local clients. Designing 25 silk scarves and opening an online POD store. Participating in 2 online markets and moving a lot of products—from totes to scarves to art […]

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Krista Elvey

Before I joined Immersion, I had been working for myself for 4 years as a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator. I realized that I had been working in a Shadow Career (so aptly put in The Artists Way) and what I really wanted to do was become a full-time artist and share my art with the […]

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Sophia van Hees

When I first signed up for Immersion I could never have predicted how my path would unfold, but it was the catalyst I needed to change my life. Before I discovered Surface Pattern Design I was (unhappily) working in academia, yearning for a more creative life. After dabbling in some short online courses in my […]

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Veronica Bryksa

The thing I love most about Immersion is the quality of the content and the thoughtfulness and value of the resource were above my expectations! I have learned so much and love growing with the community. Five years ago, I was on maternity leave from a career I worked hard to achieve with a beautiful […]

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Megan Cabaj

Surface design is my dream job, and one that I never knew existed until I came across Bonnie Christine. I have always loved creating (I was the kid who spent their allowance on art supplies), but I was taught that art was a hobby, not a practical career. So instead I took the path of […]

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Meghann Rader

After earning her BFA of Art and Design in Vancouver, Meghann’s interest in illustration was discouraged. Because the school was very conceptual, she left feeling confused as to how she could earn a living as an artist. For several years she worked at a local art supply store, and even tried woodworking, but nothing felt […]

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Elizabeth Vandermey

Before my journey into Surface Pattern Design, I had spent years going from job to job—looking for that one thing that would light me up and excite me enough to pursue a career in it. Having studied fine arts and fashion design in school, I knew that it had to be something creative, but after […]

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Jo Simpson

When I first came across Bonnie’s Immersion Course, I honestly didn’t think twice and knew I was doing this and submitted my email to be in Immersion once enrollment opened. Bonnie taught me, a complete beginner that had never heard of Illustrator, how to make a tossed repeat pattern with some Saskatoon berries and branches.  […]

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Katie Morrow

Immersion provided me with the confidence I didn’t know I was missing. I have been a graphic designer for 8 years, I learned so much about Illustrator and feel so much more confident in my skills. Flourish has provided a community of artists, creatives, and surface pattern designers that are so open and welcoming. FINDING […]

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Joan McEwan

I would recommend the Immersion course as I found the value for money was definitely there, and as a matter of fact, I would consider taking it a second time as alumni because I enjoyed it that much. I am looking forward to pitching patterns this year for paper products as well as more prints […]

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Anna Nissen

I loved how the Immersion Course was laid out step-by-step! I really liked having structured modules and lessons that we could move through. The content was organized so well and was presented in such a logical order. Gone was the previous confusion and overwhelm from when I was trying to teach myself how to use […]

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Renée White

I love the community I have met through Immersion and Flourish. As a creative entrepreneur, it is amazing to have connected with like-minded artists who can relate to the unique challenges and successes in this business. I also love that even though I have worked with Adobe Illustrator for more than 20 years, I learned […]

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Stella Anderle

I love many sides of the Immersion Course, as well as the Flourish Membership. I love very much the positive mindset, which is like a rocket for me, especially at the moments when I needed this extra little ingredient, called “enthusiasm” to make everything flow again for me and my creative workflow. I love the […]

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Jen Braunton

Immersion for me was so much more than just updating my Illustrator skills and diving into the world of patterns, as I suspected! Could Bonnie teach me more than I already knew with 25 yrs of using the program? Oh, heck yes! I had followed Bonnie for a year to make sure she was the […]

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"It is refreshing to find Bonnie who is genuinely excited to share her knowledge with others. She feels that our success is a wonderful thing and it doesn't threaten her. I want to be a Bonnie in this world. I want to feel abundance, not scarcity. There is enough for everyone to succeed, and I want to help others find success.  Being in a community with that kind of thinking is priceless."

I feel encouraged to set bigger goals for myself, dream bigger, and truly believe that I can achieve them.”

Elizabeth Chappell

"The Immersion Course is incredibly comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools necessary to have a successful career in Surface Pattern Design. I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t sure if there was that much more she could teach me. Boy, was I wrong."

I learned more skills, techniques and workflows. I also learned that there was a community of folks out there that we could all learn from, support and encourage each other."

Heather Schwarm

...and I'm still coming back for more of Bonnie's content because it is so life giving and encouraging. I've been licensed in many industries including fabric, children's clothing, home decor and the outdoor industry."

In two years since taking immersion, I've been able to turn this passion of mine into a full time career.

Ashley Paggi

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