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Jillian Harvey

It’s never too late! Don’t give up. It does not matter about your age or whether you do not have a specific goal in mind, because this opens up so many avenues… so much potential.  I was stuck in a corporate role that I didn’t enjoy. I was looking for something I enjoyed. I am […]

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Ali Baecker

The course helped me, master Illustrator, going from limited knowledge (of basic functionality before Immersion) to very in-depth Illustrator knowledge. Even more importantly, I now am able to get my designs and patterns onto my own products at a larger scale. About half a year before I stumbled upon Immersion (I was a last-minute joiner), […]

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Katie Manktelow

The Immersion Course and Flourish have given me the confidence and a roadmap for how I move forward. I have built three collections, have my own website and have started pitching to companies. I have now been approached by a UK fabric company about working with them and feel like my dreams are becoming a […]

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Bärbel Dressler

Before I took Immersion I already had a design business and had licensed a range of designs with companies around the world, but since I’m a self-taught designer I have had to piecemeal my education on my own, which always made me feel a bit insecure about not having a formal education to lean on […]

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Christine Eberhardt

Bonnie really takes your hand and guides you through the process. She is there at your side. I discovered Bonnie on Skillshare three years ago. I found out about the Immersion Course and decided very quickly that I wanted to dive deeply into surface pattern design! I learned so many new things. Things I thought […]

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Kathrin Woo

Realizing that I can actually make money from my art feels amazing. My passion for Surface Pattern Design has grown ever since I took the Immersion Course and I am excited about everything that’s ahead of me. Taking the Immersion Course was one of the most transformational and best decisions of my whole life! Before […]

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Catarina Quintal

Where to start! The content, the delivery, the relevancy, the zoom calls… Bonnie, you were just awesome! Immersion is very well organized and conceived. By following the course, I was able to learn and build patterns with minimal questions or frustration. It has given me a strong desire to put my creativity into the world, […]

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Miriam Rowe

Immersion really reignited my passion for learning something new. After 10 years in the same corporate job, I hadn’t realised how stagnant I had become. Immersion gave me something to look forward to, and to feel truly accomplished about every day. Bonnie’s guidance and patience at every step of the way was truly remarkable, and […]

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Annina Sommer

On joining Immersion: Suddenly all the drawings I was making had a purpose, and I saw inspiration for patterns everywhere. I was obsessed with pattern-making from the very beginning – it is so addictive! I have to admit, that I still don’t use all the Illustrator-Shortcuts. Illustrator and I weren’t close friends before Immersion but […]

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Jennie Enström

What did you love about the Immersion Course? I love how humble and kind everyone is, how the videos and tutorials gently guides you through every step and how MUCH I LEARNED even though I have been working with design and illustrator for 20+ years! What made you decide to enroll? I have been working […]

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Amy Thakrar

I spent years trying so many different creative paths, taking many many courses to figure out what I want to do…until I came across Bonnie and surface pattern design. This brought everything I had been doing together and made me realize I could have a career that I love and use the skills I’d learnt […]

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Colleen Rothbauer

Immersion was the missing piece in my puzzle and gave me what I was lacking: knowledge about the creative design process and how to build a portfolio, industry insights, success stories to keep me going, feedback on my designs, and an encouraging community that spoke my language. Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for […]

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Draga Vino

From the moment I started the Immersion course my life started slowly improving everyday. I changed my daily habits and started drawing regularly. I always felt so much support from the Flourish community and started creating in a completely new way with so much confidence.  Since then, I sold my first collection to a small maker […]

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Jamie Alexander

Since Immersion’s completion, I have accomplished the scary things I had been afraid of in the past; I have revamped my website, created a fabric collection and two mini collections, created a professional lookbook of my available patterns for licensing, started an email newsletter list, created a free creative guide as an incentive for signing […]

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"It is refreshing to find Bonnie who is genuinely excited to share her knowledge with others. She feels that our success is a wonderful thing and it doesn't threaten her. I want to be a Bonnie in this world. I want to feel abundance, not scarcity. There is enough for everyone to succeed, and I want to help others find success.  Being in a community with that kind of thinking is priceless."

I feel encouraged to set bigger goals for myself, dream bigger, and truly believe that I can achieve them.”

Elizabeth Chappell

"The Immersion Course is incredibly comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools necessary to have a successful career in Surface Pattern Design. I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t sure if there was that much more she could teach me. Boy, was I wrong."

I learned more skills, techniques and workflows. I also learned that there was a community of folks out there that we could all learn from, support and encourage each other."

Heather Schwarm

...and I'm still coming back for more of Bonnie's content because it is so life giving and encouraging. I've been licensed in many industries including fabric, children's clothing, home decor and the outdoor industry."

In two years since taking immersion, I've been able to turn this passion of mine into a full time career.

Ashley Paggi

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