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Rebekah Lowell

Before I began learning the world of surface pattern design through Immersion, I had just earned my MFA from Hollins University (as a single mom) and was working on my career in children’s literature—writing and illustrating middle-grade novels and picture books. In 2013, I left a decade of domestic abuse, with my two young daughters, […]

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Rebecca Woolbright

Before I learned what surface pattern design was, I owned a beach rental business in Maui. I found Bonnie and thought I would learn Illustrator to design flyers for our shop. I quickly became addicted to making patterns and wanted to put them on everything! After taking Immersion the entire world opened up. I had […]

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Helen Stubbings

Immersion helped me do my ‘one thing a day’ related to what I’d like to be doing in the future instead of what I’m actually doing now. I’ve been working as a creative in the quilt and textiles industry for over 20 years now. I began as a lover of all things with a thread […]

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Tammy de Zilva

Bonnie and the team are so encouraging, supportive, gentle, and kind; Bonnie breaks everything down into small digestible bites which makes it so much easier to learn and absorb. There’s also something special about the amazing community of creatives also on this journey, helping and cheering each other on – some of which I have […]

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Debby Lightman Casher

Before I started my journey with Surface Pattern Design, I was working as a teacher and creating products to sell at art shows, on the side. I love to sew and have always wished to see my designs on fabric, but it seemed so far out of reach & I never thought it would be […]

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Laura Adams

Since Immersion, I’ve rethought my entire career and what I want to do going forward. I would encourage anyone to join Immersion, no matter their level. It was so helpful to get another creative person’s viewpoint and approach, as well as the creative peers. I’ve been a Textile Designer for 28 years but didn’t realize […]

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Cara Cummings

As someone who has spent a lot of time in school, and taken a lot of classes, I can say that Immersion not only offered an incredible amount of really good content, but it was also taught so well! I went into Immersion thinking I knew Illustrator pretty well, but once I got going I […]

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Rebecca Bobko

I loved the clear, well organized lessons that really helped me level up my skillset in Illustrator. I also learned so much about launching a creative business doing exactly what I wanted to do, and it is so spot on for what I needed to get things rolling.

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Nancy Scott

As a quilt pattern designer and aspiring fabric designer, I needed to learn Illustrator and thought my only option was a 2 year degree program at a community college – then I discovered Immersion! In a short 8 weeks, I learned more than I would have in 2 years at a fraction of the cost. […]

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Lori Jordan

What did you love most about Immersion? So many best parts! Learning, amazing community, ability to share and get feedback, and get better at the craft. I also started to really lean into my personal look and feel. I’ve learned my way around illustrator, feel confident in my ability to take a creative idea from […]

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Jacqueline Schmidt

Since signing up for Immersion, I have signed two licensing deals for FULL collections launching this spring (One with a major wallpaper brand and the other one with a major textile company) and three other licensing deals with major brands in the fashion category. I launched Screech Owl Design, a paper goods company in 2007 […]

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Jackie MacDonald

Today, I’m proudly working on collection number 6 with Moda Fabrics, and I could not be happier with my creative life. It’s such a delight working with color, pattern, and creating stories to connect with my audience through my fabric lines. And it’s been pure bliss to see folks creating beautiful keepsakes such as quilts, […]

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Sarah Maxwell

After being a quilt pattern designer for nearly 20 years, Sarah decided to explore fabric design and quickly realized she needed to learn Adobe Illustrator to progress. She tired of sorting through mountains of information online. Frustrated with all the trial and error, she stumbled across Bonnie’s course. “Bonnie’s clear, logical approach to using all […]

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Reagan Hayhurst

Bonnie is so incredibly generous with herself, her talents, and her knowledge. Not only has she created this course, but created a space for others to be seen and heard. She and her team have curated a group of creative entrepreneurs to help us grow the skills we need to create a thriving business. If […]

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"It is refreshing to find Bonnie who is genuinely excited to share her knowledge with others. She feels that our success is a wonderful thing and it doesn't threaten her. I want to be a Bonnie in this world. I want to feel abundance, not scarcity. There is enough for everyone to succeed, and I want to help others find success.  Being in a community with that kind of thinking is priceless."

I feel encouraged to set bigger goals for myself, dream bigger, and truly believe that I can achieve them.”

Elizabeth Chappell

"The Immersion Course is incredibly comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools necessary to have a successful career in Surface Pattern Design. I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t sure if there was that much more she could teach me. Boy, was I wrong."

I learned more skills, techniques and workflows. I also learned that there was a community of folks out there that we could all learn from, support and encourage each other."

Heather Schwarm

...and I'm still coming back for more of Bonnie's content because it is so life giving and encouraging. I've been licensed in many industries including fabric, children's clothing, home decor and the outdoor industry."

In two years since taking immersion, I've been able to turn this passion of mine into a full time career.

Ashley Paggi

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