“I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating the Roost Tribe.  I have only been a member for 1 month and already it’s worth its weight in gold.  It has given me inspiration and resources which, as an artist & blogger, can sometimes be in short supply. Roost is precisely the pick me up I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my little ol’ heart.” – Alli Frederick

 Like a child happily and eagerly anticipating a birthday present I look forward to receiving the goodies Bonnie sends as part of my Roost Tribe membership. I enjoy the variety of online products she provides, especially her beautiful, unique, and useful printables. It is obvious that she invests a lot of time and care in her work. I feel energized to be more creative because she inspires me with her talent, passion, and enthusiasm. – Annie Vincent

 The roost tribe is like receiving a present from a dear friend monthly, one who wants to share her life and knowledge with the world. The roost tribe inspires me to follow my dreams and continue working on my own blog. I believe communities like these make the world a better place. - The Other 128 Hours

“Bonnie’s story is so inspiring and it has given me hope that as a small individual designer fresh out of university, I too can succeed.  Hearing of her struggles and the journey she has been on as a creative was just what I needed to hear.  It has helped me realise that this journey won’t be easy, but if I put the time, effort and passion that I have for designing into it then it will be worth it.” – Emma Frances

I really enjoy the Roost Tribe because it’s given me a creative slice of happiness to look forward to each Friday. I enjoy greatly the tutorials, especially the Illustrator tut on creating a repeating pattern! Such a time saver and an absolute God send! – Sasha-Shae Shaw

As a student studying graphic design, Bonnie’s illustrator tutorials have been invaluable to me. They are easy to follow and can be translated into several projects. Plus, her story of how she got where she is today has served as an enormous source of inspiration to me. I look forward to Fridays now more than ever! -Amy Nalette