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If you're new to Illustrator, be sure to take Intro to Surface Pattern Design and Surface Pattern Design 2.0 first. This course will assume that you're either competent in Illustrator or that you've taken these two courses first. :)

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This course is designed specifically for the Illustrator looking to incorporate painted artwork and watercolors into their designs, using Adobe Illustrator. Whether you're a budding surface pattern designer or licensed STAR, you'll learn tips and tricks along the way that will help build your career (or hobby!) as a pattern designer.

We'll start with the basics and advance to the most technical knowledge you'll need to begin making beautiful artwork.

Watercolor artwork is everywhere, but it poses a unique dilemma for Illustrators. Traditionally, watercolors are a Photoshop users best friend, but this course will teach you how to make them work FOR you in Adobe Illustrator. 

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Watercolor for Surface Pattern Design


I think Bonnie Christine's classes are great. I am a graphic designer that has been using Adobe Illustrator for years but she had tricks and tips for features within the program that I didn't know about. She is very clear with her instructions and you can quite quickly jump in and make pattern designs.

Amazing instructor!


She breaks large concepts down into manageable steps, and is always a great source of inspiration. This class, in particular, was incredible helpful in teaching me how to create more textured motifs for fabric designs. Thank you Bonnie!

Bonnie Christine is an exceptional teacher!


This course is designed to give you all the technical and creative skills you need to start designing beautiful painterly patterns, plus my hope is that it will motivate and inspire you to start following your creative dream!

Recolor your watercolor pattern with ease

for your pattern that works

Choose a color palette

with your artwork

Build a repeating pattern

in your document

Limit the number of colors

your paintings like a pro

Scan and Vectorize

with illustrator in mind

Learn to paint

for watercolor painting

gather the best tools

What You'll Learn

scan and vectorize your artwork, make repeating patterns and color (and recolor!) them beautifully.

I'll teach you how to paint with Illustrator in mind,

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I recommend Fabriano

I recommend Dr. Ph. Martin's

What you'll need

I recommend Grace Art Brushes

I recommend Canon LiDE120

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I am so excited to begin this adventure with you. Let’s get started!

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